Research and Graduate Studies

Research and Graduate Studies

steepleThe UIW experience provides each graduate student the personal attention key to educational success. In addition, the Mission of the University provides guiding principles for all our graduate studies programs.

UIW’s graduate programs:

  • Create a learning environment of respect for each student and promote individual self-realization, cultural diversity and intellectual stimulation;
  • Instill in each student a spirit of Christian service based upon ethical reflection, social justice and promotion of human dignity;
  • Develop concerned citizens and enlightened leaders who are prepared to meet future challenges with creativity and responsibility.

Our goal is to instill, foster and encourage:

  • Mastery of scholarly techniques;
  • Intellectual curiosity expressed through research and independent study;
  • Investigation, both in breadth and depth, of advanced subject matter;
  • The ability to effectively communicate research results of intellectually creative work.

Founded in 1881 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, UIW is the largest Catholic university, and the fourth largest private university, in Texas. With over 125 years of tradition, UIW is known not only for its academic excellence, but for its diversity and personal attention to the more than 6,000 students who call UIW home. Offering over 70 undergraduate and graduate programs of study in a variety of fields, UIW is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition and offers everything found in a larger university setting, but does so in an environment that values personal attention and individual dignity.

The nature of the master’s degree varies according to the subject and the discipline in which it is granted, and may be: (1) a research degree representing a step toward the doctorate; (2) a terminal degree meeting professional requirements; or, (3) intellectual preparation for personal enrichment and public service.

For the convenience of employed students the majority of graduate courses are offered in late afternoon or evening. Graduate students are responsible for knowing and understanding policies governing their specific program, including those related to registration, change of schedule, withdrawal, and other policies and procedures of the Graduate Studies Program. For information about curriculum and graduate policies, students may call their adviser or the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.


Research and Graduate Studies
Kevin B. Vichcales, Ph.D.
Associate Provost and Dean