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Ettling Center for Civic Leadership


Our friends in Peru, where the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word or CCVI have been working in mission for over 50 years, are struggling right now amid heavy rain and resulting flooding – the worst to hit there within the last 20 years. Please consider supporting them with your donations and your prayers right now.

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Eye Clinic (Columbia Eye Consultants, ASELSI Ministries)

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Activities at the Serenity Center – March, April, May 2017

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Applications are now open to join Cardinal Community Leaders!

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  Ettling Center 

for Civic Leadership

The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership, established by Sister Dorothy Ettling (CCVI) in 2013, looks to develop leaders who promote social justice in partnership with diverse local and global communities.  The Center provides over 35 programs of service and engagement that focus on areas including:

  • Civic Leadership

  • Interfaith Perspective

  • Social Justice

  • Connecting Local to Global

  • Collaboration

  • Culturally Sensitive 


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