From One Nest to Another: Proud Alumnus Helps Sister Move to Campus

September 19, 2023

When students leave home to go to university for the first time, it’s an emotional milestone for all families. The day when students fly the nest to pursue their passions and follow their dreams.

Alumnus, Martin Padron, Jr. ‘2011, experienced all these emotions last month as he helped his family move his little sister, Marsil, into the Sky View dormitories on UIW’s campus for her first semester as a freshman student.

Martin said, ‘As we were walking the campus helping Mearsil move in, all the memories from my time at UIW flooded my mind. It brought this happiness and sense of joy to me knowing that it wasn’t just me connected with UIW anymore, it was my little sister now too.’

During the move-in process, the family was assisted by UIW’s staff and volunteers to find Marsil’s room and treated to an exclusive tour of the halls by the on-site Resident Assistant.

When unpacking boxes in the room, there was an unexpected treat for the new student.

From the desk next to Marsil’s bed, she had a straight view of San Antonio’s downtown skyline.

Speaking about his sister’s new view, Martin smiled and said, ‘Who doesn’t want to sit down, do their homework, and then take a mental break to look at the beautiful skyline of San Antonio and the Hemisphere Tower out of their window? That’s awesome!’

Whilst the family visited colleges in New York, Utah and other states, UIW’s campus (also known as The Nest) was a big draw for Marsil when choosing where she wanted to earn her degree.

With a 15-year gap between Martin and his younger sister, Marsil’s childhood was filled with trips to UIW with her big brother. Both during Martin’s time as a student and in his role after graduation on the UIW Alumni Association Board.

Martin operated on the board for 6 years 2015-2021, serving the final two years of this term as President of the UIW Alumni Association.

Martin said, ‘Marsil grew up going to UIW, I think she felt the campus at UIW offered a sense of safety and community amidst real natural beauty. I also think the memories and connections she made on campus growing up played a big part in her choosing UIW.’

He added, ‘As Alumni Board President I got invited to so many events on campus where Marsil would tag along with me. She got to see all these events with the university’s leadership, the board of trustees, and supporters of UIW. She felt that connection with UIW from early on in her life.

UIW’s academic programs also proved to be a draw for Marsil, offering her the opportunity to enroll in a nuclear medicine program.

Martin said, ‘Finding a school that offered a nuclear medicine program was initially the focus of my sister’s decision. When she narrowed it down to three choices, and UIW offered the program, it made it an easy choice for her to choose UIW.’

Considering his journey at UIW, and the successful career he has developed in financial trading and commodities over the past decade, Martin’s advice to students setting out on their own journey, was simple.

‘This goes for my sister, and for all students on campus, and everyone studying at UIW….my advice is connect, connect, connect. Give yourself the tools to build lasting relationships. To learn to connect with faculty, staff and fellow students. That’s invaluable.’

He added ‘When you build these connections, it broadens your horizons and cultivates a wonderful sense of diversity. We all think differently, but it’s so hard to see other people’s perspectives unless you connect with them in a meaningful way. Those are real leadership skills, and the type of skills you have to rely on when you enter the work force’