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Study at UIW's European Study Center

 European Study Center in Heidelberg, Germany



Plan Your Semester Abroad! Where will you go?


Step 1: Do you have a valid passport? No? Find out how to apply.

Step 2: Research UIW's Sister Schools. Many of our sister schools offer courses in English! Check schools' online catalogs for courses you would like to take. Find quick links for our most asked about sister schools to information about courses, housing, applications and visas.

STEP 3: Complete the Study Abroad Inquiry, so we can send you more information.
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STEP 4: E-mail the Study Abroad Office and set up an appointment. Be sure to bring your unofficial transcript and your degree plan with you!

In an emergency, please contact the UIW Campus Police at 210-829-6030

Alanna Taylor

Alanna Taylor
Study Abroad Coordinator


Grossman International Conference Center


Office F111


847 E. Hildebrand

San Antonio, Texas



Phone: (210) 805-5709

Fax: (210) 805-5701


e-mail: studyabroad@uiwtx.edu