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The Office of Financial Assistance offers a comprehensive resource center for students to research alternative financial aid opportunities.  The resource center is equipped with computer hardware and software that allows students to transmit their FAFSA via the Internet, look for scholarships via the Internet or research specific loan information. 

We also offer online workshops to help you refine your scholarship search and prepare for the application process.  (See our online workshop listings for more information.)

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Grants are a type of "gift-aid."  These are financial aid funds awarded to you because UIW determined you met specific eligibility requirements.  These funds do not have to be repaid and the amount you receive is based on a combination of your financial need, cost of attendance, and enrollment status. Grant funding is limited, and we encourage you to complete and submit your FAFSA and UIW Student Information Form (SIF) as early as possible each year in order to apply for these funds.

The following grants are accepted by UIW for undergraduate students:

  • Pell Grants: Eligibility is based on the FAFSA and is determined by the U.S. Department of Education, students attending full-time (12-18 hours) or half-time (6-11 hours) are eligible.
  • Supplement Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG): The SEOG is available on a limited basis to full-time (12-18 hours) students with exceptional financial need.  Eligibility is based on the FAFSA, students that are Pell eligible are given funding priority
  • State Grants (TEG): State grants are available to assist full-time undergraduate students who have financial need. Eligibility is based on the FAFSA.  Student must be a bonafide Texas resident, may not be receiving an athletic scholarship and may not be in a religious-degree seeking program.
  • UIW Grants: UIW grants are funded by the university and are awarded based on need. Funding is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Students seeking a second Bachelor’s degree and graduate students are not eligible for Federal grants but may be eligible for State grants if they demonstrate need and meet specific requirements.

ADCaP and UIW Online students may be eligible for Pell grants, but not state grants due to their reduced tuition. With the exception of the Federal Pell Grant, students must be registered full-time to receive grant assistance.

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Merit Scholarships

UIW is committed to rewarding the academic accomplishments of first-time freshmen and transfer students. Academic scholarships and grants are merit-based forms of financial aid. You must meet the criteria indicated below to be eligible for an academic scholarship or grant at UIW. Your transcripts and ACT and/or SAT scores will be evaluated to determine eligibility. No additional scholarship application is needed. As these scholarships and grants are merit-based, financial need is not a criterion.

  • Baptist Health Foundation Scholarship - (deadline 08/15/2014) Open to undergraduate students in the traditional BSN or RN to BSN program; graduate students in the MSN or MS Nutrition Programs; and professional students in the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Clnical Pharmacology (Pharm.D.) or O.D. programs. Download the 2014-15 application packet. Contact UIW Office of Financial Assistance at 210-829-6008 or if you have questions.
  • Endowed Scholarships – (Deadline was 03/31/2014-application period is closed for 2014-15) To be eligible for consideration in the 2014-2015 Endowed Scholarship Program, an applicant must either be a returning UIW student that has earned a minimum 3.6 GPA or a high school student that meets the Academic scholarship criteria established by the Admissions Office. Scholarships are renewable provided continued full-time enrollment and a cumulative 3.0 GPA is maintained. Award varies based on eligibility and availability of endowed funds. All applications should be submitted to the UIW Office of Financial Assistance WITH letters of application (incomplete applications will not be processed).. Contact UIW Office of Financial Assistance at 210-829-6008 or if you have questions.
  • Global Experience Travel Award - (Awarded first come, first serve until funds depleted) The 2013-14 Global Experience Travel Award program offers 50 awards to students for study abroad at the Heidelberg campus, 35 awards for a semester at a UIW Sister School campus and 10 for UIW Faculty led trips. To apply, students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, 75% completion rate, complete a 2014-15 FAFSA and demonstrate financial need. Download application. Contact UIW Office of Financial Assistance at 210-829-6008 or if you have questions.
  • Kemper Scholars Program - (Deadline was 02/07/2014-application period is closed for 2014-15) The 2014-15 Kemper Scholars Program is now accepting applications.  The Kemper Scholarship Program encourages first year students’ appreciation of the liberal arts while providing experiences, contacts, and training that may lead to careers in administration or business. Scholars will receive scholarship grants from $2,000-$6,000 per year for their second, third and fourth years of college.  Scholars will also receive summer project grants following their sophomore and junior years of college. Applicants should have a commitment to the liberal arts and be open to exploring careers in organizational leadership and management in business or the nonprofit sector.  This scholarship is normally awarded to liberal arts, business, mathematics, performing arts or similar majors. Contact Dean Sandy McMakin at 210-805-3005 if you have questions.
  • Lo Bello of San Antonio Scholarship - For undergraduate women with financial need.  Preference given to single parents.  Applicants for 2014-15 must apply directly to the Lo Bello Women's Association - (Deadline June 30, 2014)
  • Pat & Dorothy Legan Scholarship - (Deadline was 5/30/2014 - the application period is now closed.) For undergraduate students whom demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.  All applications should be submitted to the UIW Office of Financial Assistance. 
  • Udall Scholarship - The merit-based Udall Scholarship is available to eligible UIW students who are insterested int he environment, tribal policy or Native American health care.  Eligible students include UIW sophomores and juniors with a GPA of 3.0 or better who are pursuing full-time study.  Applicants must be US Citizens, US nationals or permanent US residents. Please note, only Native Americans and Alaska Natives are eligible to apply in tribal public policy or Native American health care.  Native American students studying tribal public policy or Native health do not need to demonstrate committment to the environment.  Students pursuing environmentally related careers do not need to be Native American nor do they have to demonstrate a commitment to tribal public policy or Native health.  For more information or to obtain an application, contact Jean Loden at 210-832-3211 or
  • SALE Scholarship - The applications for 2014-15 are not yet available. The University of the Incarnate Word will recognize 6 entering freshmen and 8 juniors as San Antonio Livestock Exposition Scholars. These students are selected according to the criteria set by the SALE program (please view application for requirements). All applications should be submitted to the UIW Office of Financial Assistance.
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UIW Scholarships & Merit-Based Awards

The University of the Incarnate Word recognizes the academic achievement of freshman and transfer applicants by offering merit-based aid.  Academic transcripts and ACT and/or SAT scores are evaluated during the admissions process, at which time eligibility for merit aid is determined.

Academic scholarship funds for incoming freshmen and transfer students are awarded to you by the UIW Admissions Office at the time of your acceptance and may be used to offset the costs of tuition only. Current policy states you must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average (gpa) in order to renew these funds each year.  The university will maintain the renewal for all students meeting the 3.0 gpa requirement; and in addition, renewals will also be open to students that complete 75% of all coursework attempted with a 2.0 cumulative gpa.

The expansion in the renewal requirement ensures that students will not drop courses in order to maintain the 3.0 gpa, and will encourage students to take and complete the most challenging coursework they can.  It is a priority that students be making academic progress towards graduation, and not making scheduling or enrollment decisions around considerations towards renewing their Academic Scholarship or Award. Renewal requirements for state grants and federal grants have not been altered. For more information, check out the UIW scholarship estimator at

Upgrade Your Aid Scholarship - The UIW Upgrade Your Aid program is available to main campus, undergraduate students who have at least a 3.2 GPA and were enrolled full time (12 hours fall/12 hours spring) in the prior year.  The value of the Upgrade Your Aid Scholarship is $1,000 per year; and will be awarded automatically to students who meet the GPA/enrollment qualifications at the end of the spring term.

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McCracken Alumni Referral Scholarship (MARS)

For first-time freshman and transfer students who are nominated by a graduate of UIW.  The MARS is awarded for $1,000 for first-year only.  Interested alumni should complete the nomination form and forward it to the Alumni Office.  The deadline for nominations is February 1 of each year.

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Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

Each Phi Theta Kappa member from an accredited 2-year institution will be awarded a $2000 per year scholarship. Recipients must be a current member of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.45 or higher. Students currently enrolled in dual credit programs are not eligible for the scholarship.

For further information, contact the Office of Admissions at 210-829-6005.

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Athletic Scholarships

As a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I, UIW offers athletic scholarships in a number of men's and women's sports. UIW adheres to NCAA eligibility guidelines and scholarship offers are given at the discretion of the head coach. If you are interested in the UIW athletic program, contact the Athletic Office at (210) 829-2722.

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Performing/Fine Arts Scholarships

UIW has a long tradition in the performing arts and recognizes students with extraordinary talents in the areas of art, dance, music, and theatre. Scholarships of varying amounts are available on a limited basis. Students must contact the designated department for information on audition dates.

Department Contact Phone E-Mail
Fine Arts Mr. Miguel Cortinas (210) 829-3861
Theatre Dr. Robert Ball (210) 829-3804
Music Mr. William Gokelman (210) 829-3855
Marching Band Mr. William Gokelman (210) 829-3855
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Nursing Scholarships

The UIW Nursing Department tracks a variety of nursing scholarships.  Information on these programs is posted on the Nursing Scholarships website hosted by that department.

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UIW Scholarship Opportunities for Study Abroad & International Students

  • Carlos Alvarez Scholarship for UIW Students Studying Abroad (Applicants must have declared a major or minor in International Studies, have a good academic record and submit an essay.  Visit the UIW Study Abroad Office or the UIW Center for International Studies (Amb. James Creagan) for an application and other details.
  • Global Experience Travel Award - (Awarded first come, first serve until funds depleted) The 2014-15 Global Experience Travel Award program offers awards to qualified students going to the Heidelberg campus, attending a UIW Sister School campus, or participating in a UIW faculty led trip. To apply, students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, 75% completion rate, complete a 2014-15 FAFSA and demonstrate financial need. Download application. Contact UIW Office of Financial Assistance at 210-829-6008 or if you have quesitons. (NOTE: Students who attend John Cabot University, any University of Arts London campus, American University of Paris, and Mary Immaculate College are not eligible for this award.)

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Last update 04/24/2014.

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