Women's and Gender Studies

Informed by UIW’s Mission and motivated by the dedication to service and justice that continues to guide the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, the university’s sponsoring congregation, the Concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies emphasizes the dignity of each person and the transformative power of a commitment to truth.

Learn to recognize, engage, and validate the voices of women and other marginalized groups so you can be equipped to understand and influence social ideologies and cultural norms.

With interdisciplinary course offerings and housed in the English Department, this concentration provides students with a foundation in theory and immerses them in practice so that they are enlightened citizens who advance knowledge and the common good. Recent Women’s and Gender Studies courses have included focuses on:

  • Toni Morrison (English)
  • Chicana Literature (English)
  • Motherhood Myths in Literature (English)
  • Diversity in the Media (Communications)
  • Women and Faith (Religious Studies)
  • God and Human Sexuality (Religious Studies)
  • American First Ladies (History)

The Program in the Community

In addition to offering a variety of classes, the Women’s and Gender Studies program hosts numerous events to raise awareness on campus and in the greater San Antonio community.

Some of our most recent events include:


  • "Superwomen: Gender, Power and Representation," a lecture about the history and influence of comic book heroines by Eisner-award winning scholar, Carolyn Cocca.
  • "The Sexual Politics of Meat," a presentation by nationally-renowned eco-feminist, Carol Adams.

Documentary Screenings

  • The Mask You Live In, a documentary about masculinity in America today.
  • Embrace, a documentary about body image.

Roundtable Discussions

  • Men and Feminism
  • Latindad in the TV show, Jane the Virgin
  • Romance on Catholic College Campuses

Community Activism Projects

  • The program is an annual sponsor of Take Back the Night.
  • Denim Day, an annual event to raise awareness about sexual assault.
  • Equal Pay Day Bake Sale to raise awareness about the gender wage gap.

Women's and Gender Studies Concentration Degree Plan

18 Credit Hours Total

Required Courses (9 hours):
  • ENGL 3347 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
  • PHIL 3395 Feminist Philosophy
and one of the following courses:
  • PSYC 3355 Psychology of Women
  • ENGL 3340 Women's Writing
  • RELS 3355 God and Human Sexuality
Electives (9 Hours):

Students may take any of the electives above that they have not already taken or select from a variety of courses, such as Women in Business, Women in Media, Behavioral Endocrinology, and Human Rights. New and exciting courses are consistently developed to meet the needs of our students and create dialogue about contemporary issues.

Colloquium Requirement

Students must attend and document 3 WGS-related events.