Department of Political Science

Welcome to the Department of Political Science at the University of the Incarnate Word. A department in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Political Science offers a degree program, minor and several academic opportunities that expand students' understanding of political life, government, civics, law and international affairs.


The Department of Political Science introduces students to the institutions, frameworks, systems and theories that drive government, law and politics in the U.S. and internationally.

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, which offers specialization tracks in American Politics and Comparative/International Politics, and a minor in Political Science. It also hosts a concentration in Pre-Law designed primarily to develop the skills necessary for success in law school.

Each program is specially designed to develop analytical skills, combining organized knowledge with practical experience that introduces and prepares them for careers in the public and non-governmental sectors. In addition to learning about the government, politics and issues of public concern, students may also explore themes of war and peace and the effects of globalization, the role of international law and organizations, and America's leadership in the world.

Internships and professional preparation are vital parts of the program. Many occupations require college-educated individuals who can write and speak well, solve problems, learn new information quickly, and work well with others on a team – all skills that Political Science students sharpen in and out of the classroom.

Political Science students enjoy an active student life and can take part in several organizations and teams related to Political Science, including the Moot Court team; Amnesty International; and Phi Alpha Delta, the Pre-Law Society. Qualifying students are invited to join the UIW’s chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, an honor society.


Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Examine the nature of power and governments while building skills in analysis, research and critical thinking. Students will study topics related to government, law and more as they seek to understand the forces that guide political processes. Students can further tailor their studies by selecting one of two tracks:

B.A. in Political Science- American Politics track

B.A. in Political Science- Comparative/International Politics track

Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs

Develop a strong foundation to expand awareness and understanding of the complex world and the promotion of responsible development, peace and justice. Students will gain an appreciation of others’ values and institutions, and subsequently increase mutual understanding, enrich individual lives and prepare for work in the global environment.

B.A. in International Affairs

Pre-Law Concentration

The Pre-Law concentration, also housed in this department, is designed primarily to develop the skills necessary for success in law school, focusing on reading comprehension, analytical writing and oral communication.

Pre-Law Concentration

International Affairs Concentration

The International Affairs (IA) concentration is an interdisciplinary selection of courses that functions similarly to an academic minor. The IA concentration is designed to provide students with a strong foundation to expand awareness and understanding of the complex world and promotion of responsible development, peace, and justice. An appreciation of others' values and institutions increases mutual understanding, enriches individual lives, and prepares citizens and students for work in the global environment. As such, the IA concentration pairs well with a variety of academic majors at UIW.

International Affairs Concentration

Minor in Political Science

The minor in Political Science is designed to expand awareness and understanding of political life, stimulate scholarship and continuing interest in government, government service and civics, and provide a framework for enriching the exposure of minors and the wider University community to the study of government, politics and issues of public concern.

Minor in Political Science