Department of History

Welcome to the Department of History at the University of the Incarnate Word. A department of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, History offers a comprehensive degree plan and dynamic opportunities to better understand the past and chart the future.

Students of history are students of the world. By examining the world through the lens of history, students gain context about what drives a civilization in a certain time and place, what motivates behavior, significant events, battles for power and culture shifts. At UIW, students take part in engaging and creative learning opportunities, such as role play, simulation and debates to come to a comprehensive understanding of history across the nation and globe.

The Department of History offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor that will enrich any field of study. Courses in this rigorous program are taught by exceptional faculty who have deep expertise in eras and issues in U.S. and global history. Faculty seek to develop students’ appreciation of societies that differ from theirs, to discover how to place contemporary issues and problems within a broad historical context, and to help students develop practical research and communication skills that allow them to understand and analyze the past. Students can explore broad topics such as World History and U.S. History, and gain greater context through such topics as Global Human Rights and Women’s History.

Students are also encouraged to grow in and outside of the classroom, take advantage of study abroad opportunities and support the development of new perspectives and better engagement with the world around them.


Degrees Offered 

Bachelor of Arts in History

Study the past while building the skills needed to impact the future. Through this program, students learn to work through complex problems, craft evidence-based persuasive arguments and think critically while coming to an understanding of the world and the forces that shape the past and the present.

B.A. in History

Minor in History

Students may earn a minor in History, helping enrich any major field of study. To fulfill the requirements of the minor, students complete 18 credit hours that provide a broad understanding of the history of the United States and around the globe.

Minor in History