Core Objectives

  • To develop communication skills in the areas of intrapersonal, interpersonal and professional communication.
  • To acquire knowledge, awareness, and skills in multicultural issues for developing effective working relations with persons of diverse backgrounds.
  • To acquire a knowledge base of research methodology and develop skills in applied social research, including data management and analysis.
  • To acquire a fundamental knowledge base of psychological theory and current literature.
  • To acquire technical writing skills of APA format.
  • To develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • To develop professional skills in the areas of organizational communication and ethics.

Current Curriculum

All Psychology Majors

Total: 21 hours

  • PSYC 1301: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 3384: Research Methods I
  • PSYC 2380: Biology and Behavior
  • PSYC 3331: Abnormal Psychology OR PSYC 3353: Personality
  • PSYC 3381: Statistics
  • PSYC 3384: Research Methods II
  • PSYC 4331: History of Psychology

And Either Option A or B

Development (select one course)

*Only one additional from these classes can be used as Psychology elective.

General Psychology Concentration Development Courses
Course Name Course Title Hours
PSYC 2356 Lifespan Development 3
PSYC 2370 Child Adolescent Psychology 3
PSYC 2372 Adult Development & Aging 3

Social Influences (select one course)

General Psychology Concentration Social Influences Courses
Course Name Course Title Hours
PSYC 3340 Drug Use Prevention & Community Psychology 3
PSYC 3351 Social Psychology 3
PSYC 3367 Experiential Cross-Cultural 3
PSYC 3385 Multicultural 3

4000 Courses (select two courses)

*All UIW Psych 4000-level courses will meet this requirement except PSYC 4331.

General Psychology Concentration 4000 Level Courses
Course Name Course Title Hours
PSYC 4xxx 3
PSYC 4xxx 3

PSYC Elective Courses (select three courses)

3 additional PSYC electives (One developmental can be used as an elective)

General Psychology Concentration PSYC Elective Courses
Course Name Course Title Hours
TOTAL (Min. of 42 hours) 42
Addiction Prevention Concentration Courses
Course Name Course Title Hours
PSYC 3340 Community Psychology and Drug Use Prevention 3
CRJU/ PSYC 3325 Drug and Crime in Modern Society 3
PSYC 4381 OR 4380 Advanced Statistics or Psychometrics 3
PSYC 3465 Drug Use Prevention and Interventions 4
CRJU/PSYC 4490 Drug Use Prevention and Criminal Justice Internship 8
PSYC Social Influences Course 3
PSYC Development Course 3
Total (21+27)


Psychology Minor: 15 hours consisting of PSYC 1301 Introduction to Psychology, PSYC 3331 Abnormal Psychology or PSYC 3353 Personality, and 9 hours of psychology electives (Three of which must be upper division).