Mission Statement

The Department of Philosophy at the University of the Incarnate Word seeks to provide its students with a broad orientation to the major branches of philosophy (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and logic) and to the various ways philosophy has progressed throughout human history (in both Western and Non-Western Traditions). The primary goal of our program, however, is not merely to promote the mastery of philosophical content, but to help cultivate the philosophical spirit by nourishing our students' responsiveness to the wonder of being, their commitment to justice, and their overall capacity to explore philosophical issues with creativity and critical insight.

The Philosophy Program and Beyond

The philosophy program at the University of the Incarnate Word offers students the opportunity to explore the most basic yet wide-ranging issues of human life and experience. The study of philosophy involves the rational examination of such fundamental notions as reality, knowledge, truth, goodness, beauty, justice, freedom, language, faith, love, death, and God. Philosophy searches for the truth about these ultimate realities and in so doing helps us create intellectually and spiritually meaningful lives.

Because philosophy is at the heart of the liberal arts experience, a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy allows students to synthesize insights from a wide variety of fields and sharpen their critical and creative skills in the process. The study of philosophy provides excellent preparation for a number careers including law, education, religious studies, government, art, library science, and business.

Apart from its application to particular careers, however, philosophy provides students with the opportunity to explore their own sense of personal identity and value, to broaden their views of, and commitment to, justice, and to deepen the moral and spiritual dimensions of their lives.