As an undergraduate student, you may be considering a career in law. Whether you are mildly interested or already committed to studying law, you can approach your studies in a manner that will help you decide whether law is for you and that will help prepare you for law school and the law school application process.

The first thing that you need to know about preparing for law school is that you can do so from ANY major. There is no one major that law schools focus on in reviewing applicants. Rather, what law schools--and the profession of law--need is well-rounded people who have the keen ability to think critically and write well.

Thus, whatever field you decide to study here at UIW, if you challenge yourself with courses that develop critical thinking skills and writing skills, you will be preparing for law school.

While any student from any field can apply to and be accepted by law schools, there are definitely steps to take and courses to consider that will help you decide on a career and help boost your chances for acceptance to law schools. The university offers numerous law-related courses that you might take as electives or, perhaps, as a part of your major. The university also offers an inter-disciplinary Pre-Law Concentration.

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