Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry is designed to prepare participants to serve competently and effectively in contemporary ecclesial ministries and leadership, especially in Catholic parish ministries, religious education on all levels, spirituality and spiritual development, youth ministry and catechetical leadership, or as a mission leader in Catholic healthcare or education.

Degree Outline

The degree plan requires thirty-six (36) semester hours, distributed as follows:

  1. Scripture — 6 credits
  2. Theology — 12 credits
  3. Ministry — 12 credits
  4. PMIN 6352 Program Planning and Evaluation
  5. PMIN 63CS Pastoral Project

Students may complete a concentration in Mission Leadership, Parish Leadership, or Catechesis and Formation. With the permission of the director, the degree can be completed without a concentration in order to more closely tailor it to a particular student's needs.

Student Learning Outcomes

After completing the program, students will be able to:

  1. Describe and integrate into ministerial practice a theology of revelation as embodied in Scripture, tradition, and creation.
  2. Describe and integrate into ministerial practice Catholic theology of God, Church, Sacraments, and Ethics.
  3. Exercise sound practices of compassionate pastoral care appropriate to their skill levels and training.

Additional Learning Outcomes for the Concentrations

Mission Leadership

  1. Articulate a vision of Catholic mission appropriate to their ministry setting
  2. Shape a vision for that setting in working for the mission.

Parish Leadership

  1. Identify the theological, pastoral, and socio-cultural principles and values underlying Christian community
  2. Shape a vision for parish or other faith community seeking to live out the Gospel together.

Catechesis and Formation

  1. Shape and lead a catechetical program appropriate to the age, culture, and other characteristics of those participating
  2. Oversee initial and ongoing formation for catechists

In the Archdiocese of San Antonio, catechists and Catholic school teachers may be eligible to earn level 2 or 3 certification credit through non-credit participation in Pastoral Institute courses and workshops. Contact Gloria Zapiain at the ACC, (210) 734-2620, ext. 202, for further information and requirements.