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  • Tulips in Utrecht

    Tulips in Utrecht

  • Korean costumes

    Korean costumes

  • Village in Vietnam

    Village in Vietnam

We encourage our students to participate in enrichment programs to enhance their experiences. Examples include summer research experiences around the country, faculty-led trips around the world and Study Abroad programs.

For example, our students have conducted research under faculty supervision at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kansas State University, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and at UIW. The results have been presentations of their work at conferences around the country.

Study Abroad

Depending on the student’s degree program and opportunities, study abroad can be taken in the fall, spring or summer semesters. Faculty-led trips are another international option. Students have traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia, although options are also available in Australia, Canada, Central and South America. Some students choose to take two semesters abroad. A full year is necessary if Japan is the chosen country. Japan's academic calendar is completely off the U.S. academic calendar, so students must attend classes there for an entire year.

Our most recent travelers spent time at the European Study Center in Heidelberg, Germany. Clarisa at European ParliamentPictured below is Clarisa at the European Parliament building; she was one of five who was in Germany for honors courses during summer 2016.We are planning another set of honors classes in Heidelberg in summer 2018. Moe information is on the ESC website.

Environmental science major Hannah Peterson spent a fall semester in Brazil.  Her online blog tells us of her academic, living and cultural experiences in the rainforest during the semester, and her photographs are wonderful.

Psychology major Johnny Esparza blogged about his experiences while at Kumamoto Gakuen University for a year. Check out his videos of different Japanese sports!

Cabot University in Rome, Italy is a popular destination. Check out Kalyn’s blog from Rome.