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The Window of Incarnate Word's Success Stories!

Dr. Randall Bowden, Assistant Professor of Management, and Dr. Annette Craven, Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, published an article in the fall edition of Organization Development Journal. The title of the article is "The Art in the Art and Science of Organizational Development."

Judy Broughton, ASID and John Lodeck, ASID of the Interior Environmental Design Department and Dr. Annemarie Walsh, of Fashion Management presented "Collaborative Capstone," a creative teaching technique at the 2001 Annual Conference of the International Apparel and Textile Association in Kansas City, MO.

Dr. Hubert R. Robichaux, Lecturer in Anthropology, was the featured speaker at the annual banquet of the San Antonio chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA). Dr. Robichaux's presentation was entitled "Amcoemt Writing: From Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica." He described the development and decipherment of writing in ancient Sumer, ancient Egypt, and in the Maya region of Mexico and Central America. His lecture ended with a discussion of his own work on the ancient texts from Rio Azul, Guatemala.

Dr. Mary Kaye Sawyer-Morse, Associate Professor of Nutrition, and Dr. Alexandra Evans, Health Promotion Faculty at the University of South Carolina, co-authored the chapter Understanding Human Motivation for Behavior Change, which was included in the 6th edition of Primary Preventative Dentistry. This is the most widely used textbook for U.S. dental schools on preventative dentistry.

Dr. Ken MetzOn March 20th, UIW composers Dr. Ken Metz (pictured) and Dr. Misook Kim were honored to have their original compositions performed at the UTSA New Music Festival. They teach private composition lessons for the UIW Music department.

Dr. Cyndi Wilson Porter, Asst. Vice President for Extended Academic Programs and Assistant Professor of Chemistry, was nominated by students for inclusion in the 2002 Who's Who Among American Teachers. She has also been asked to be on the organizing committee for a new national accrediting body, AAOGPB. She recently attended the HEWI 1st annual e-learning conference at University of Maryland, College Park MD, and also gave a presentation at the Academic Excellence Online: Higher Education Opportunities for Federal Workforce in Washington D.C.

Dr. Peggy Starkey, Religious Studies, has accepted the invitation of San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza to become a member of the United San Antonio Commission. Dr. Starkey serves as Chair of the Interreligious Council of San Antonio, and she recently began her two-year term as the President of the national Society of Buddhist-Christian Studies.

Dr. Fred Bock, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, was selected for Who's Who Among American Teachers, 2002. A former student nominated him.

Dr. Denise Staudt and Dr. Michael Risku of the School of Education recently presented the initial data and findings of UIW's Sid Richardson Math and Science Program Grant at the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education Annual Conference.

Sister Helena MonahanSister Helena Monahan, CCVI, was elected General Superior of the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word at the General Chapter. The three other Councilors are Sr. Walter Maher, Sr. Feliciana Mejia and Sr. Maria de Lourdes Urrutia.

Dr. Bob Connelly, Professor of Philosophy, attended the annual conference of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, February 28-March 3, and presented his paper, "Physicians and Capital Punishment: An Inconsistent Death Ethic."

Judy Broughton, ASID and John Lodeck, ASID of the Interior Environmental Design Department and Dr. Annemarie Walsh of Fashion Management presented "Collaborative Capstone," a creative teaching technique at the 2001 Annual Conference of the International Apparel and Textile Association in Kansas City, MO.

Dr. Michael W. Mulnix and Dr. Bowden, School of Business, developed a research paper titled "Institutional Advancement Trends at Hispanic Colleges and Universities: A Cross-cultural Comparison." The paper was presented at the Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences Conference, Quebec City, Canada. The research hypothesized that Hispanic- and Latino-serving colleges and universities in countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, and United States significantly differ in their level of advancement programs. Many institutions, both domestic and international, vary greatly as to their level of sophistication in building bridges between a variety of corporations, foundations, government agencies, alumni chapters, and other entities, both private and public. With rapid globalization, cooperation between institutions regarding advancement programs may be the difference between success and failure.

Dr. MacKinnon, Professor of Biology, was selected as a NASA-Project NOVA Faculty Research Fellow for 2001-2002. The purpose of the research award is to implement an evaluation program to determine the national impact of Project NOVA on higher education institutions, programs, faculty, and students. Research activities are directed toward the process and outcomes of the NOVA program, and impact made on institutions in the NOVA network. She attended an orientation workshop at Kansas State University.

Dr. Mulnix, Associate Professor of Marketing, and Dr. Esther Elena López, St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY), have presented three articles in the past several months. They include "Integrating Spiritual Philosophies into Teaching: Toward a Symmetric Model of Engaged Pedagogy" at the 2001 Symposium in Sino-American Cooperation in Education forum at Guangxi University in Guilin, China; "Models of Excellence in Multicultural Colleges and Universities" at the National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies international conference in Cancun, Mexico; and "Integrating Spiritual Philosophies into Teaching Counselor Education" at the North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Education and Supervision annual conference held at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. The presentation will soon be published in the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines.

Dr. Bonnie McCormick, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Dr. Christy MacKinnon, Professor of Biology, were awarded a NASA Project NOVA Phase III Summer Research Grant. The award supported the development of interactive web-based activities that are linked to current research at NASA Centers. The module was developed at the Johnson Spaceflight Center and incorporates the research of evidence for life on Mars.

Bill Reily, Professor Emeritus of Art, had a one-man show of his prints at the McNay Art Museum from February to April.

Tina Patterson, head coach of the Women's Soccer team, was awarded Coach of the Year during the 2001 Heartland Conference Awards.

Dr. Bowden and Dr. Mulnix submitted a research paper entitled "Globalization: Comparing International Business Communities" to the International Business and Economics Conference. The paper was accepted for presentation in San Francisco, CA. The research is an extension of the work they completed while in Belgium during the summer of 2001. The research strongly suggests that management issues in Europe may significantly change because of globalization if the United States' influence of fiscal thinking dominates the European market. Social concerns may begin to diminish to provide greater financial success.

Marveen Mahon, Director of Health Services, made a presentation at the U.S. Department of Education's Annual National Conference on Alcohol, Other Drug and Violence Prevention in Higher Education in Washington, DC. The topic of the presentation was the Texans Standing Tall Peer Education Grant received through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. UIW is one of 10 universities in Texas taking part in this coalition grant whose goal is to prevent underage drinking and related youth problems through environmental changes and policy initiatives.

Dr. Cheryl Anderson, Director of Instructional Technology, has made two presentations recently that highlight what UIW is doing with technology. The first presentation entitled "Summer Technology Institute: a Faculty Development Program that Works" was given at the Syllabus Conference in Santa Clara, CA. The second presentation, entitled "Implementing a Laptop Program at a Small, Liberal Arts University" was given at the International Conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology in Atlanta, GA.

Sonia Hernandez, mentor Dr. Randall Bowden, and Iris Royal, mentor Dr. Reginald Traylor, were accepted to present their research projects at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater April 25-27. Their research papers were submitted for publication and will be included in the conference journal.

Vincent Rodriguez, Assistant to the President/ Communications, served as a judge for the 2001 national Hearst Journalism Fellowship competition in San Francisco. He also served as a judge for the 2001-2002 student scholarship competition sponsored by the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists.

UIW was awarded a two-year Housing and Urban Development grant through the Office of University Partnerships in the amount of $399,948 to fund the expansion of Presa Community Center and the extension of UIW service-learning projects at Presa. Dr. John Velasquez (Psychology) is the principal investigator on the grant. He along with Dr. Pat Lonchar (English), Dr. Fred Bock (Information Systems) and Dr. Bob Caldwell (Business) began implementing service-learning projects through UIW courses at Presa Community Center in Spring 2002.

Carolina HerreraNew York designer Carolina Herrera visited with students of the Fashion Management Program last fall. Herrera was received by a packed auditorium anxious to hear how she got her start and what her strategy for success has been. Herrera did not begin her career as a designer until the age of forty and has become one of the most recognizable names in fashion.

Dr. Beth Senne-Duff served as a judge for the Bexar County 4-H Nutrition Bowl. Winning teams will compete in the District Nutrition Bowl.

Dr. Michael Risku was selected by the Canadian government to present at the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States Annual Conference in San Antonio. His presentation was "Contested Images: Rethinking the Relationship Between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Peoples Through Canadian History and Literature." Presenters were invited to a plenary address and reception hosted by Michael Kergin, Canada's Ambassador to the United States.

Dr. Barbara Herlihy, Professor of Nursing and Biology, directed a retreat at St. Matthews Catholic Church. The topic was "The Holy Spirit: Bringing to Life."

McNair ScholarsSeven McNair Scholars attended the 7th Annual Rocky Mountain McNair Research Conference April 11-14 to present their summer research projects. Those attending included Cathy Jones, mentor Dr. Annette Craven; Jessica Garcia, mentor Dr. Julie Miller; Kristina Hunter, mentor Dr. John Velásquez; Dwain Smith, mentor Dr. Pat Lonchar; Iris Royal, mentor Dr. Reginald Traylor; Vanessa Ramirez, mentor Dr. Christy MacKinnon; and Tracy Stone, mentor Dr. Sara Kolb. All of the students received outstanding evaluations for the research they presented at this conference.

Dr. Mary Ruth Moore, Associate Professor of Education, recently visited Germany to conduct research on Friedrich Froebel, father of kindergarten. She visited the towns and museums of Keilhau, Bad Blankenburg, and Schweina thanks to a Title V grant. Her host, Dr. Matthias Brodbeck of the Froebel Association, commented that her visit was the first of its kind in recent years, as no American university professor of early childhood had been to the sites since the fall of the Berlin Wall and that the group of Froebel supporters had been waiting for the Americans to come. Much interest had already been noted from visits of several Korean and Chinese professors. Dr. Moore's visit to Froebel's gravesite made the newspapers the following day in Schweina. Since returning home, Mayor Holland-Nell of Schweina has written Dr. Moore two letters - one thanking her for her interest and visit to the Froebel sites, and the second in response to the World Trade Center disaster; in fact, every contact Dr. Moore made in Germany e-mailed her messages of condolences and solidarity with the United States. In addition, Dr. Moore visited playgrounds in Berlin and Nuremberg and also literacy sites for the Grimm's Brothers Fairy Tales. She also visited with professors who are Pestalozzi scholars. All of the research benefits Dr. Moore's early childhood classes at UIW.