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Ways to Sign-Up:

Intramural participants can sign in several different ways:

  • Front Desk: Intramural participants can visit the wellness center or natatorium front desk during business hours to have s front desk staff sign a participant up. Please bring your student ID.
  • Online: Intramural is now offering signs up online. Please follow this link for steps for online intramural sports online registration.


Student IDs: All Intramural participants must present their own student ID when signing up for intramurals. Student IDs are also required at intramural games (or tournaments) to confirm the team roster.


Team Sports:

Team Captain: Team captains must first establish the team at the front desk, and then participating player can sign up at the same time or at a later time convenient to them. Team captains will be the point of contact and will be in charge of notifying your team members of all intramural changes and rules.

Team Name: The University of the Incarnate Word is a faith based university and team names reflect the mission. If a team name is not mission- friendly the intramural staff will change the team name and the team captain will be notified of the change.

Free Agent:  When signing up as free agent you will be placed on a team that is lacking players. Please let the front desk staff knows when you want to be a free agent so they can make note of it. When you arrive at the intramural events find the event coordinators so the coordinator can lead you in the right direction.