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Welcome to recruiting at the University of the Incarnate word!

Career Services is committed to assisting employers with their hiring needs. With over 100 undergraduate, graduate, and professional doctoral programs, an extremely diverse population and a curriculum that boasts a strong liberal arts foundation, the University of the Incarnate Word is an excellent place to recruit talented students ready to impact your company or organization.


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  • Host a Career Trek!

Career Treks allow employers to host UIW students at their facility. Many employers choose to take students on a company tour, facilitate hands-on learning activities, and simply show off what makes their company stand out. Students provide a captive audience of committed individuals, who have applied and been selected to attend your Career Trek. After the Career Trek, students will have the confidence to apply to open positions, as they have a strong understanding of your company culture. If you are interested in a Career Trek, contact us at

Employer Partners Program

The Employer Partners Program at The University of Incarnate Word Career Services Center is desiring to provide an exclusive partnership between students and employers to maximize recruiting effectiveness on our campus. Accessing our services brings many benefits to both parties by increasing your visibility, enhancing student contact, providing connections to UIW faculty and staff and creating customized recruiting solutions for your organization. All the various partnership levels are accepted on a rolling basis and extend for a one-year term.

  • Silver Level


    • Year-round visibility through Employer Partners Display in the CareerCenter; your company logo on the CareerCenter website (with a link to your organization’s website)
    • Priority recruiting dates and featured location at Career Fairs
    • Guest speaker opportunities in major Career Center Events
    • Featured Spotlight in our weekly e-career newsletter, currently reaching over 25,000 students & alumni 
  • Gold Level (Diversity Package)


    Includes all benefits available at Silverlevel, PLUS adds our Diversity Package….


    • Fall Career & Internship Fair Diversity Recruiting Event (up to two people)
    • Introductions to key UIW faculty and administrative staff and guide to student organizations
    • Annual Employer Breakfast with Career Center staff members, faculty, and staff; providing you with an opportunity to profile your organization, entry-level positions, potential career paths, and corporate culture; breakfast culminates with strategic recommendations developed to enhance your UIW recruiting efforts
  • Platinum Level (Career Fair Package)


    Includes all benefits available at Silver and Gold level, PLUS adds our Career Fair Package….
    • Fall Career & Internship Fair Registration (up to two tables)
    • Spring Career & Internship Fair Registration (up to two tables)


  • Diamond Level (Promotional/Social Media Package)


    Includes all benefits available at Silver, Gold, and Platinum level, PLUS adds our Promotional and Social Media Package….
    • UIW Career Center website promotion as our Featured Employer
    • Facebook promotion includes custom Career Center Facebook cover photo with employer logo (one month) and posts to promote employment opportunities, campus recruiting deadlines, and career fair/event participation.
    • Twitter promotion includes tweets regarding jobs/internships (2-3 times before deadline) and/or tweets “at” strategic UIW colleges & student groups
    • Targeted email promotion includes targeted emails to a limited number of majors on your behalf
    • Recognition of employer sponsorship in UIW Logos (quarter-page add)
    • Executive Summary of social media promotion for the entire year


The Employer Partners Program is available to a limited number of employers. If your organization is interested in this exclusive opportunity, please contact Jessica Wilson, Director of Career Services, by email at or by phone at (210) 832-5627


General Guiding Principles and Recruiting Recommendations

The University of Incarnate Word understands the importance of building a partnership of common goals between individual students hired and the employing organization. The Career Services Department of UIW is instrumental in achieving a successful match between both parties. Employers who post jobs, attend a career fair, or recruit on campus at UIW must adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidelines and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Employment Professionals, and the Policies & UIW Guidelines listed on this page.

There are basic foundation principles applied to guide career planning and recruitment and that is to provide job candidates the opportunity to make choices that will optimize their talents and meet their personal objectives through an open and free selection of employment and experienced-based learning.  It is also significant to establish and maintain a fair and equitable recruitment process and lend support to help candidates make informed and responsible decisions regarding their employment. 

In providing an open and free selection of students for employment and experiential learning opportunities, UIW’s Career Services reserves the right to take appropriate and necessary actions to enforce compliance with the above guidelines, maintaining a fair and equitable recruitment process among all students employed by UIW.


  • Cancellations and Rescheduling

    Connecting with and recruiting students is at no cost to the employer; however, when reserving interview rooms or any other space oncampus, employers will be charged a canceling fee for on-campus interview rooms, classrooms, or similar spaces.


    Room Reservations/Interviewing:

    • 1 hr @ $50 (additional 30 minutes @ $25) non-refundable cancellation fee within a 3 day notification
    • 1/2 day @ $100 (8 AM - 12 PM & 1 PM - 5 PM) non-refundable cancellation fee within a 3 day notification
    • Full Day @ $200 (8 AM - 5 PM) non-refundable cancellation fee within a 3 day notification



    • P/T Job/Career Fairs @ $25 - cancellation fee non-refundable within 48 hrs
    • F/T Job/Career Fairs @ $50 - cancellation fee non-refundable within 48 hrs


    On-Campus Recruiting

    • On-Campus Recruiting(table event)no charge Cancellation fee of $25 if not notified within 48 hrs. of scheduled date.
  • Third-party Agencies

    Third parties (employment agencies and search firms) may not list openings online,recruit on-campus nor attend career fairs but are welcome to contact the Director of Career Services to discuss other options.


    Beyond, UIW reserves the right to make a determination of the appropriateness of the positions being offered for the populations the agency serves.

  • Commission-Based Sales Positions

    Employers offering positions that provide compensation that is 100% commission based can offer these positions under the following conditions:

    • The position is for full-time employment AND
    • The compensation is clearly disclosed in the position description AND
    • Charge no fees to the candidates
  • Unpaid Internships and Academic Credit
    Does Your Position Qualify as an Internship?


    Whether you are developing an internship program or offering a one-time internship opportunity, you should be aware that The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division developed a six-factor test for determining whether workers are to be considered “interns” or “employees” under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The guidelines below will help you determine if the position should be considered an unpaid/credit internship or paid part-time job. By following these guidelines you will be sure to be in compliance with the criteria set forth by the FLSA.


    1. The internship, even though it includes the actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to that which would be given in an educational environment.
    2. The internship experience is for the benefit of the intern.
    3. The interns do not displace regular employees but work under close observation.
    4. The employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the interns and on occasion, the employer’s operations may actually be impeded.
    5. The interns are not necessarily entitled to a job at the completion of the internship period.
    6. The employer and the interns understand that the interns are not entitled to wages for the time spent in the internship.

 We appreciate your interest in recruiting UIW students and look forward to our partnership in an effort to make for a dynamic recruiting experience!

 National Association of Colleges and Employers 

     The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is the leading source of information for career services practitioners on college campuses who advise students and alumni in career development and the employment process. NACE connects college career services professionals, university relations and recruiting professionals, and various business affiliates that serve the community. 
     Career Services & Professional Development closely follows NACE's Principles for Professional Practice in our work with students. For more information or to join NACE.