Improve Student Success Services

QEP Topic ideas proposed in this theme include initiatives in:

  • Advising / Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Peer Mentoring and Student ORG’s

Examples from some actual submissions

Advising / Mentoring

  • Career and Academic Student Engagement –UIW is utilizing a fragmented advising model–limited professional advisors and all UG faculty are assigned advising loads. The current system does not take into account faculty time limitations due to research and other commitments or provide adequate training for faculty to assist students in understanding their academic path and how to link to career goals. Additionally, we do not have a clearly defined plan on engaging students in the active pursuit of understanding their academic and career goals.
  • The UIW QEP should to improve communication on the way to graduation. This would mean a centralized academic advising office (for schedules) and allow faculty to be discipline based mentors for study abroad, community service, and internship opportunities.
  • Create “scaffolding” from intro to capstone. Students need added support to understand that each level of classes adds a new dimension and the process is growth. A senior level class SHOULD be different than a freshman level class. Vygotsky called children “apprentice in thinking” and believed that adults should provide the scaffolding for the child’s development. I’m suggesting that we should provide that same kind of scaffolding so that students reach higher levels through each year.


  • Grow the tutoring centers, in particular the Writing and Learning Center. Writing well is important and necessary for any major and for every job profession; in addition, writing well can translate into your communication and social skills.
  • I suggest a “Writing to Learn” program which would focus on both informal and formal writing opportunities as a way to develop critical thinking skills and clarity of expression.
  • Tutoring for all subjects where walk-ins are welcome. No scheduling required.
  • More “PASS” tutoring services.

Peer Mentoring and Student ORG’s

  • I suggest that there be some sort of alumni mentorship day where alumni volunteers of all professions (maybe on separate days based on the nature of their profession) make themselves available for current students to ask questions about their own experiences and learn from their suggestions. In this way, UIW would be offering a unique opportunity to its students where the following generations of students have the chance to live with the wisdom of the alumni before them.
  • I.C.A.T- Initiative Community Action Team is a group on campus that for the first week helps students adapt to campus life. They would prepare activities, assist in finding organizations, and help in making the transition to college much more enjoyable.