Improve Learning Skills In The Classroom

QEP Topic ideas proposed in this theme include initiatives in:
  • In-Class Engagement
  • Academic Skills
  • Use of Technology

Examples from some actual submissions.

In-Class Engagement

  • Critical Inquiry – to foster a learning environment that invites curiosity, critical thinking, and the process of learning. I see this topic as motivating students to learn new concepts rather than fulfilling requirements. I would emphasize project-driven, interdisciplinary curricula and increase the number and scope of learning communities into upper level courses.
  • Teachers need to be more engaging. By using visual effects that apply to the curriculum students can better understand the topics being discussed. Also trips would help to apply real world experiences to the topic.
  • My QEP idea to improve learning would be having field trips for classes to gain hands on experience.

Academic Skills

  • Professional Communication Focus…..on helping students communicate, both orally and in writing in a professional setting.
  • Stronger writing and speaking skills and a better sense of how the UIW experience connects to the world after college.
  • Critical thinking… Developing critical thinking skills will allow students to analyze information in a logical way. It is a skill that when developed will be used for learning any topic.
  • Learning to read, learning to love reading
  • I feel we should develop our QEP around writing. We have existing data that this is an issue and it is something that would impact all programs at the university.

Use of Technology

  • “In Touch With Technology” – Successful students have learned and adopted the use of these technological aids as active participants in the learning process, then brought them into and applied them in the working world. They have also, as students are wont and encouraged to do, experiment with technology on their own, both in and out of the classroom.
  • UIW Tablet Program, This would be a program the will give every single student an IPad or a Nexis Tablet. They will also have the option to buy books in their electronic form. It will also allow for the school to build a single app that works on these devices that are integrated with blackboard and Bannerweb systems.