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For students looking for an internship or research opportunity abroad, non-affiliated programs are a great resource! While some UIW exchange and Faculty-Led Programs offer the opportunity to intern or conduct research abroad, the following may offer more in-depth international experiences or positions post-graduation.

UIW Study Abroad encourages students to work with our office to apply for these experiences, though it is not required. UIW Career Services is available as well to help students prepare for interviews and more.

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International Professional Development Programs

The International Affairs Office at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) define International Professional Development Programs as university sponsored academic based initiatives, which may encompass a variety of activities aimed at providing access to graduate and professional students who wish to gain additional learning in another country for the purpose of gaining a world perspective.

The following are the most common types of initiatives UIW considers as International Professional Development Programs; however, other programs may be considered:

International Academic Internship

A credit-bearing or non-credit bearing, career-related work experience of limited duration in which a student takes on responsible roles outside of the traditional university environment in a partner university, non-profit organization, government office or for-profit business outside the United States.

International Externship

A comprehensive program with an international partner, affiliate, non-profit organization, government office or third party outside the United States designated for graduate students to gain professional training in various specialties.

International Professional Development Conference

A gathering comprised of formal meetings, discussions, educational and career development activities located outside the United States for the purpose of improving and increasing student's capabilities.

International Symposium

A formal meeting comprised of discussions and activities in which experts discuss a particular topic in a location outside the United States.

International Health Mission Program

Activities aimed at engaging students, researchers and practitioners in the field of health for the purpose of researching, training, and providing service that address health problems that transcend national borders.

International Research

The exploration of issues, topics and phenomena utilized to comprise and analyze data and information for the purpose of answering questions and facilitate understanding conducted in a location outside the United States.

International Independent Study

A credit bearing educational course implemented outside the United States by a student with little to no faculty supervision.

International Residency Program

A period of advanced medical training, instruction and education that normally follows graduation from medical school and licensing to practice medicine and consists of supervised practice of a specialty in a hospital and/or medical facility located outside the United States.

Students are required to be in good academic standing with at least a cumulative GPA of 2.4 and enrolled in a graduate or professional program. The supervisory dean and/or academic advisor reserves the right to the review the participants (a) academic records in the UIW Registrar's Office and (b) disciplinary records in the office of the Dean of Residence Life. The dean, academic advisor and/or the supervising faculty member may, at his or her absolute and sole discretion, revoke my participation in the program at any point, either before the day of travel, at the point of departure, or at any time during travel.

To be eligible to participate in an International Development program you must:

  • be registered in a graduate or professional UIW program;
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5;
  • be in good academic standing.

Academic Protocol

Participants must visit with their academic advisor and/or supervisory dean in order to apprise them of participation in an international development program. All participants are required to obtain approval prior to making any academic and travel arrangements.


One of the assessments utilized in international professional development programs may include the students’ grades earned at the completion of the international program, if it is part of a course. Students’ grades will help determine whether their academic objectives and goals were accomplished. If the international professional development program is not associated with a course, the student’s dean, academic advisor and/or program director may assess whether the program’s objectives and goals have been achieved.

At the end of the program, all participants will be asked to submit an exit survey in order to (1) capture important demographic information and (2) help assist the University improve future programs. All surveys are confidential and results will not be shared, distributed and/or reported outside of University purposes.