COVID-19 Resources

This webpage was created by the UIW Study Abroad Office to provide guidance related to UIW Study Abroad's COVID-19 travel resources and procedures. For up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 at UIW please see the UIW Cardinal Flight Plan. This page was last updated October 23, 2020.

Understanding the Current Climate 

UIW Study Abroad Programs were canceled by the Vice President for International Affairs in collaboration with the UIW Emergency Response Committee in March 2020, which includes the second half of the Spring 2020 semester. UIW Study Abroad Programs intended for Summer 2020 were canceled in March 2020 and Fall 2020 Study Abroad Programs were canceled on June 18, 2020. UIW is not sending students abroad on exchange for the Spring 2021 semester. 

Currently, the office is advising for Summer 2021 and onward utilizing a ‘stay on campus’ contingency plan in case of future cancellation.

Faculty-Led Programs 

UIW Study Abroad Faculty-Led Programs were canceled individually through Spring 2020 for all trip between January through July 2020. Faculty-Led Programs were not approved for Fall 2020. 

Programs scheduled to depart on or after January 1, 2021, have not yet been canceled. The decision to cancel these programs will be made on an individual basis.

Future Programs 

UIW Study Abroad continues to closely monitor federal and international travel advisories and restrictions. Although state and federal restrictions are being loosened, the global threat posed by COVID-19 still remains high.

  • Summer 2021 program cancellations will be relayed to students by March 19, 2021 (Applications due March 5, 2021).
  • Fall 2021 program cancellation relay date to be determined.

Please be advised:

  • Of Sister Schools dates and deadlines for application and payments separate from UIW Study Abroad.
  • UIW Study Abroad is the final decider of program cancellation, our deadlines are definite. Dates and deadlines are subject to change.
  • Students are advised not to make purchases (airfare, visa, etc.) until advised.