Teach at ESC

ESC Summer Faculty Application

The UIW European Summer Faculty Selection Committee and Application was established to provide guidance and support for UIW faculty wishing to teach at the European Study Center during summer I or II semesters. The selection committee’s primary objective is to offer guidance and support, while ensuring faculty receive the benefit of a collaborative team environment when developing and implementing their approved course promotional strategy.

In an effort to support faculty wishing to teach at the center, the selection committee will review applications with a specific focus of addressing academic topics common to international study abroad programs, mitigating foreseeable issues and challenges, and collaborating efforts to implement a mutually agreeable promotional strategy to advertise the approved course(s). The committee is under no obligation to approve the faculty’s application; however, will ensure faculty have all of the necessary information and support to help guide them through the application process.

Timeline: Applications should be submitted no later than one year prior to the scheduled arrival day.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. UIW faculty
  2. Deans Approval Form
  3. Valid Passport or Proof of Passport Application (Passport must be valid 2 years after the intended return)

A completed application form consists of:

  1. Dean approval form (page 3 of 4)
  2. Copy of a Valid Passport
  3. Copy of course syllabus and outline (Word or PDF document)
  4. Explanation of relevant excursions related to course topics – Excursion requests are encouraged; however, request are not guaranteed (1-2 pages)
  5. Recruiting strategy - before and after program (Word or PDF document)

Download the Complete Application.

Judging Criteria: The UIW European summer teaching selection committee will base the decision utilizing the evaluation guidelines found on page four (4) of this document. All decisions are final.

Return completed application to:

Brooke Paynter
European Study Center Liaison

Agnese-Sosa Living/Learning Center Floor 7 Room 115

University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway Street, CPO Box 1188
San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: 210-832-2196
Fax: 210-829-8843
Email: Brooke Paynter