MGC Service Project Spring 2016

Pictured Above: MGC and other UIW volunteers participating in the Multicultural Greek Council Service Project that took place in January 2016.


The Multicultural Greek Council will promote collegiality among all culturally based Greek-letter organizations by coordinating and developing events, providing leadership opportunities, and establishing itself as the singular organization founded on the principles of Greek Life, Cultural Diversity, and the Educational Development of the Whole Person. 


  1. To serve as the governing body over the individual organizations within the council.
  2. To unite multicultural Greek organizations insofar as member organizations are actively engaged in the larger community of Greek Life.
  3. To administer and enforce the constitution, bylaws, and rules and regulations established by the MGC.
  4. To establish a welcoming environment and sense of belonging for a diverse student body within the tradition of the fraternal experience.
  5. To promote the academic and leadership development of its membership.
  6. To create an educational experience that promotes life-long learning in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity as it relates to the search for and communication of truth, thoughtful innovation, care of the environment, community service, and social justice.

Member Organizations

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