Dietetic Internship Application

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. For students with a foreign degree, validation of the equivalent to a Bachelor's degree must be made through a degree audit service. Information for international students regarding education and credentialing requirements may be obtained at
  • An ACEND Verification Statement of completion of a Didactic Program in Dietetics within the last 5 years.  All dietetic interns must be able to supply this by the first Monday in August at the start of Orientation Week.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.7 on all undergraduate coursework with an average of 3.0 for DPD courses, or a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in graduate coursework.
  • Either completion of the Graduate Record Examination (with a minimum total score of 143 in the Verbal and 141 in the Quantitative sections and a minimum score of 3 on the Analytical essay) or completion of a Master's degree in Nutrition or related discipline within the last 2 years are required.  The GRE is a requirement for admission to the Graduate School, but this may be waived with a completed Master's degree.  The Master's degree must have been completed by the time of application to the dietetic internship.
  • A score of 550 or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for international students whose undergraduate studies were conducted in a language other than English.

University of the Incarnate Word dietetic interns MUST also be accepted into the Graduate School.

Application Instructions

  1. Access DICAS (Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System) at to fill out the centralized application.  If you have additional questions regarding the online application process, contact DICAS at
    • The DICAS online application MUST be completed by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on February 15, 2021.
    • The DICAS fee is $50 for the first program application submitted and $25 for each additional program application.
    • For the Personal Statement part of the application, in regard to the UIW Dietetic Internship, address the following topics instead of the ones listed on DICAS:
      1. Describe your professional goals regarding what you will do as a registered dietitian. What do you have to offer to the profession that your peers may not? How will the UIW Dietetic Internship  program help you toward achievement of your professional goals?
      2. Describe your experience and abilities in working with people of the Mexican-American or other cultures. Give concrete examples of your experiences. If you have not worked specifically with people of the Mexican-American culture, you should describe your experiences working with people of different cultures.
    • For the references that should be supplied to DICAS, one should be from a Nutrition professor (does not necessarily have to be your advisor), a second should be from a work reference (either paid or volunteer), and a third professional reference that can speak to either your academic ability or your work ethic.
    • Official Transcripts from all colleges and universities must be submitted to DICAS (DICAS – Transcript Dept., PO Box 9118, Watertown, MA 02474).  Please note:  after being appointed to the dietetic internship, you will need to obtain two (2) copies of official transcripts showing completion of your Bachelor's degree.  One copy is to be supplied to the University for completion of matriculation, and one copy is to be given to the Dietetic Internship Director to be used for establishing registration eligibility. 
    • When completing the application form, applicants must include the name and contact information (specifically, an e-mail address) for each reference and for your DPD Director for submission of either your Intent to Complete or your Verification Statement. This will trigger an e-mail message requesting completion of on-line forms by your references and DPD Director. These should be submitted with enough lead time so that your DPD Director and references can complete their parts of your DICAS application.
  2. Applicants must also register online for Computer Matching and select their dietetic internship priority choices by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on February 15, 2021. There is a $55 computer matching fee. Please visit to register.
  3. A $25 application fee made out to "University of the Incarnate Word" must be sent to the dietetic internship director by February 15, 2021 (Joseph Bonilla, Nutrition Program, University of the Incarnate Word, 4301 Broadway Box 311, San Antonio, TX 78209).  "Dietetic Internship Application Fee" should be written on the Note line.
  4. If necessary, a personal or phone interview with members of the dietetic internship admissions committee may be made.
  5. Applicants must complete and send a Graduate School application to the School of Graduate Studies no later than February 15, 2021:
    The application packet for this includes the following:
    • Graduate Application (available online at  Although the application mentions reference letters, none are needed to be provided to this application for consideration for the dietetic internship or the Master's degree in Nutrition.  To be eligible for financial assistance, indicate Degree Seeking on the application.  If you already have completed a graduate degree in Nutrition and would like to be eligible for financial assistance, still indicate Degree Seeking and select Multidisciplinary Studies for area of study.
    • One complete set of official transcripts (note: this is a separate set from what is sent to DICAS)
    • Graduate Record Exam score - This score must be received by the University of the Incarnate Word no later than February 22, 2021.  Applicants to the dietetic internship who do not have a verified GRE score on file with the University by this date will not have their DICAS application reviewed by the admissions committee.
    • TOEFL or Michigan Test score (international students only)
    • $20 application fee made out to University of the Incarnate Word (note: this is a separate fee from the dietetic internship application fee)

Selection Process and Appointment Phase

An admissions committee consisting of University of the Incarnate Word Nutrition faculty members and representatives from the areas of clinical dietetics, community nutrition, and foodservice management will review each individual application based on scholarship, experience, references, cultural sensitivity, and personal statements. Review of all applications will be in accord with the University of the Incarnate Word’s Non-Discrimination Policy as published in the Student Handbook.

The admissions committee will rank the applicants based on the above criteria. This ranking is submitted to a nation-wide computer matching service.

D&D Digital will notify each applicant if she or he has been matched to an internship. This notification will be by e-mail, and will occur in April.  The matched dietetic internship will not make notification. Applicants matched to the UIW Dietetic Internship must provide written notification of acceptance of their match by either e-mail ( or fax (210-829-3153) to the Dietetic Internship Director by the designated deadline to confirm their match to the program.Students completing their Didactic Program requirements during the spring or summer need to provide a copy of their Verification Statement by the start of the internship.