Meteorology Degree Requirements

The degree program shown below is one which incoming freshmen should follow to complete their studies in four years. Those students who transfer in from another institution (or those enrolled UIW students who change their major to Meteorology) should follow this schedule as closely as possible. Transfer students need to confer with the Registrar's Office to determine course equivalencies from previous institutions.

Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Meteorology

Freshman Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
ENGL 1311 Composition I ENGL 1312 Composition II
CHEM 1301 Chemical Principles I CHEM 1302 Chemical Principles II
  CHEM 1203L General Chemistry Lab
MATH 1311 Precalculus MATH 2312 Calculus I
COMP Computer Literacy (3 hrs) SPAN 1312 Elementary Spanish II, or language other than English
SPAN 1311 Elementary Spanish I, or language other than English METR 1430 Meteorology

Total hours Freshman year - 33

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
METR 1360 Climatology METR 1325 Natural Hazards
METR 3360 Satellite Meteorology MATH 2313 Calculus II
PHYS 2305 Physics I PHYS 2306 Physics II
PHYS 2105 Physics I Lab PHYS 2306 Physics II Lab
ENGL 2310 World Literature Studies DWHP 1200  Dimensions of Wellness
HIST 1311 World History* PEHP Physical Education Activity (1 hour)

*or other approved selections

Total hours Sophomore year - 29 hours

Junior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
MATH 2314 Differential Equations METR 3320 Forecasting I
METR 3375 Atmospheric Dynamics I METR 3325 Thermodynamic Meteorology
METR 3310 Radar Meteorology MATH ADV (3hrs)**
RELS 1310 Introduction to Theology* PHIL 1381 Introduction to Philosophy
METR 3340 Hydrology GEOL 1420 Oceanography
MATH 3314 Calculus III  

*or other approved selections ** from approved MATH selections

Total hours junior year: 34

Senior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
MATH ADV (3hrs)* METR 3350 Synoptic Meteorology II
METR 3330 Forecasting II Fine Arts (3 hours)
METR 4315 Air Pollution Meteorology METR 3380 Atmospheric Dynamics II
Philosophy or Religious Studies (3) METR 3335 Severe Weather
METR 3365 Physical Meteorology METR Advanced Elective (3 hours)**
METR 3315 Synoptic Meteorology I Social Science (3 hrs)***

* from approved MATH selections
**For METR Advanced Elective (3 hrs), choose from either METR 3345 Statistical Climatology, METR 3355 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Meteorology, or METR 4325 Climate Modeling.
***choose from approved list of courses

Total hours senior year - 36 hours

Total hours in degree program - 132 hours

Plus 45 hours of community service (non-credit)