Week of June 17 – 21 & July 9 & 10, 2019

Classes are only open to individuals 18 years and older. Participants do not receive college credit for these classes.

  • Textiles: Monday, June 17, 9 AM – P2P (3 hours)
    This class will cover the basics of textiles including discussions on fibers, fabrics, and finishes
  • Technical Drawing: June 18 - 21, 9 AM – P2P (12 hours)
    This class will cover how to create technical drawings of garments (flats) first by hand, then on the computer using Adobe Illustrator. We will cover proportion, details, materials, basics of Adobe Illustrator, differences between working by hand versus computer. Tips for teaching will be given throughout the course. Supplies needed: pencil, ruler, good eraser, note-taking materials Supply fee: $15
  • Construction Skills: June 17 - 20, 1 PM – 4 PM (12 hours)
    We will cover basic construction skills, including a variety of seam types, closures, and garments. Time will be open for participants to ask construction questions and how to solve them. Supplies needed: pencil, eraser, notebook, scissors, tape, scrap fabric, sewing tool kit with your sewing supplies.
  • Apparel Product Development: July 9 & 10, 9 AM-3 PM (12 hours)
    Developing garments involves more than just sewing. This course will examine the apparel-supply chain process in our digital era beginning with the fiber production, the yarn manufacturing, the textile production, apparel manufacturing, the retailer, and ending with the customer. Tips on how to incorporate apparel product development in your classes will be covered. You will work in a team to complete a “hands-on” project that can be used in your classroom. Supplies needed: Notebook, pen, pencil, scissors


June 17 – 21: $905 (this includes lunch, water, and supply fee)
June 17 – 21 and July 9 & 10: $1305 (this includes lunch, water, and supply fee, *lunch not provided on Friday, June 21 )


For registration and questions: Dr. Melinda Adams, madams@uiwtx.edu or (210) 805-1204.
Registration closes May 20, 2019.