Technology in the Classroom

All students seeking a degree in Fashion Design are required to take FMGT 1301 Computer Literacy. This course uses Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Hands-on training with file management techniques, Internet and e-mail software, online library software, word-processing software, presentation software, spreadsheet software and graphics manipulation software with an emphasis in design and retail industry applications.

Students will have a more in-depth exposure to Adobe products in their Portfolio and Capstone classes.

Design Courses

Students will have a more in-depth exposure to Adobe products in FADS 4340 Computer Illustration and FADS 4382 Portfolio. These courses will utilize Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and students will learn how to electronically create original garment designs and to produce visually interesting and professional portfolios for future interviews.

Product Development Courses

Student will take FADS 4310 Knitwear focusing on mass market design. Students will have a more in-depth exposure to Adobe products in FADS 3335 Technical Line Development as well as in the Capstone classes FADS 4330 and 4337 Product Development 1 and 2.

Flat Pattern

In FADS 2331 Flat Pattern, students will be introduced to Accumark, the patternmaking software designed by Gerber Technology. Gerber is the industry leader in automated and computerized apparel design and production systems. Using Gerber Accumark, students learn to digitize patterns, then manipulate them to create grade rules for different sizes and markers for cutting layers. The patterns are then printed in graded nests, and markers on one of two industry-grade plotters.

The information gained during Flat Pattern will be expanded upon in FADS 3332 Patternmaking Software. In this class, students will receive advanced training in the use of Gerber's Accumark and YuniquePLM software. Accumark training in this class includes Blender, a 3D animation program that uses avatars to bring designs to life.

YuniquePLM is a state-of-the-art industry software that enables businesses to connect creative teams with their supply chains. Students learn to optimize the creative work flow from design through sourcing and production. Especially exciting is the fact that students will be able to present their original works during interviews to prospective employers whose companies use this exact system.