Welcome future fashion student!

You've started your college career and have decided to transfer to UIW. Whether the change is the result of a move, the desire to finally complete that bachelors degree you previously gave up on, or you've changed your goals and decided a degree in fashion is what you need to prepare you for your future, we'll be so glad to have you join us.

To get basic information about the department and our program, download our brochure here. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you.

  • Scholarships

    UIW is committed to providing educational opportunities to students from all backgrounds, regardless of financial means. More than 90 percent of UIW students receive some sort of financial assistance, and there are literally thousands of grants and scholarships available to students of all majors. Find scholarship opportunities here.

    Exclusive Scholarships for Fashion Students

    The Jurren Sullivan Center for Fashion Management awards several scholarships in the spring. The scholarships are announced at The Cutting Edge Fiesta® Fashion Show. These scholarships generally range from $500 to $1500. View a list of scholarships which have been awarded in the past here.
  • Sophomore Portfolio Review

    All students who are eligible are required to participate in sophomore portfolio review.

    Eligibility Requirements: Completion of the following

    • Completed FMGT 1310 with a “C” or better
    • Enrolled in FADS 1320
    • Enrolled in FADS 2331

    Purpose: The purpose of sophomore portfolio review is to evaluate skills developed in FMGT 1310, FADS 1320, FADS 2331, and the application of those skills to a real-life situation.

    Requirements: For sophomore portfolio review, you will create the pattern and muslin for the picture you are given. You will be required to create the pattern and muslin. The muslin will be required to have necessary seam finishes, facings, and closures.

    Supplies: For the review, you will need to bring with you all of your sewing supplies, patternmaking supplies, and muslin to make your garment. You may also bring your flat pattern book.

    Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the following items:

    • Pattern making skills
    • Construction skills

    Evaluators: The evaluators for sophomore portfolio review will include Dr. Cathryn Studak, Dr. Carla Perez, Dr. Melinda Adams, Ms. Teri Lopez, Ms. Theresa Alexander, and Ms. Lalon Alexander.

  • Challenge Exams

    If you are required to take ENGL 0312 or MATH 0318 and feel you should be placed in a higher English or Math course, call the Testing Center at (210) 829-3876 to schedule an appointment to take a challenge exam. Click here to determine your course placement.

  • Laptops

    All UIW students are expected to arrive for study at UIW with appropriate laptop or tablet technology. Information about technology resources can be found here.