Full-time Faculty

Rafael Azuaje, Ph.D.

Dr. Rafael Azuaje

Interim Program Coordinator
Associate Professor

Office: JB 233
E-mail: razuaje@uiwtx.edu
Specialization: Operating Systems, Systems Analysis and Design
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John Champion

John Champion


Office: JB 107
E-mail: champion@uiwtx.edu
Specialization: Computer Networking & Security


Dr. James Collins

Assistant Professor

Office: JB 103
E-mail: jccollin@uiwtx.edu
Specialization: Networked Systems Security, Embedded Systems, Cryptography and Steganography
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Phil Youngblood

Phil Youngblood

Office: JB 103
E-mail: youngblo@uiwtx.edu
Specialization: Emerging Technologies, Virtual Environments

Phil began programming in the late 1960s and has worked and played with computer technology ever since. Phil started a career in biochemical research in the mid-1970s at the University of Hawaii before becoming an officer in the U.S. Navy where he used and taught leading edge technologies of the day. Phil began his third career in higher education in 1998, co-founding an MIS program at one university, then serving as Academic Director for a branch campus of Texas Tech before founding the CIS degree program at UIW in 2003.