Strengthen our Catholic Identity

Champion: Sr. Walter Maher, CCVI, vice president of University Mission & Ministry

Team Members

  • Dr. Glenn James, associate provost for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dr. Horacio Vela, assistant professor of Religious Studies
  • Dr. Lourdes Fortepiani, associate professor of Optometry Instruction
  • Fr. Leo Almazan, Office of Mission and Ministry
  • Dr. Paul Lewis, associate professor of Philosophy
  • Dr. Trini Macias, director of Graduate Studies

Vision Statement

University of the Incarnate Word, a Catholic institution, is firmly grounded in a culture of spiritual worship, which is the font and summit of our identity, moral courage, and just action. UIW’s Catholicity compels us to honor and promote a culture of respectful encounter that includes and invites all to contribute, in honesty and truth, to our ongoing dialogue among ourselves and with the world. UIW’s ongoing dialogue is translated into a culture of charitable justice that advocates for the dignity and rights of all, promotes compassion and solidarity, and dispels mistrust, fear, hatred, and violence. UIW's culture of intellectual humility forms enlightened citizens who are moved to take just action. UIW's culture of principled administration establishes a hospitable and life-giving community (of learners) that promotes integral human development and good of all.

Strategic Goals

  • Strengthen our Catholic identity, as well as our individual and communal relationship with God, through committed participation in personal prayer, sacramental worship, and just action guided by moral courage.
  • Provide opportunities for honest, respectful, inclusive, and ongoing dialogue about our university and the world, which promote compassion, solidarity, and humility and offer a public declaration of conscience and understanding.
  • Create a welcoming environment for both the UIW’s community and the community at large through non-discriminatory and sustainable support systems, which promote and protect poor and vulnerable persons and nature.
  • Articulate common learning outcomes all across UIW’s programs and locations to express and deepen our engagement with Catholic Intellectual Tradition and to promote academic rigor, integrated learning, and student engagement/success.
  • Ensure that those entrusted with a position of responsibility engage in shared governance principles and practices, which include far and wide consultation, in order to make ethical, prudent, and wise decisions that promote the good of all.