Improve Infrastructure

Champion: Dr. Darrell Haydon Vice President Administrative Services & Chief Financial Officer

Team Members

  • Dr. David Jurenovich, vice president of Campus Life and Facilities Management
  • Dr. Sharon Welkey, dean of the School of Media and Design
  • Dr. Brian McBurnett, professor of Chemistry
  • Tracey Mendoza, Dean of Libraries
  • Dr. Adam Watkins, professor of Animation and Game Design

Vision Statement

We offer innovative learning, living, teaching and working environments designed for functionality, accessibility, flexibility and advanced technologies, with spaces that promote safety, health, and wellness. We are committed to providing well-maintained community spaces and continuously improving infrastructure and support services for faculty and staff including staffing levels and processes to best serve our community.

Strategic Goals

  • The university physical plant will be designed and maintained for flexibility, safety, and health and wellness for a sustainable and aesthetically appealing environment that compares favorably to peers in size, functionality and standards while allowing for future growth opportunities.
  • Academic classrooms, laboratories, and support spaces, formal and informal, will set a high standard in meeting the needs of instructional programs and in compliance with the standards of professional associations and accrediting bodies. Space allocation will be equal to or exceed that of comparable peer institutions.
  • University Support Services and Campus Life and Activities spaces will seek to be student-centric ‘first’, setting a high standard in meeting the needs of a diverse student body and the programs that contribute to student development and success.
  • Faculty and staff support services will be modeled on best practices that are robust, provide avenues for professional growth, and are periodically assessed as to their effectiveness.
  • Standards for staffing levels appropriate for each administrative office and academic area will be developed and implemented using comparable peer institution data.
  • A process improvement framework that is transparent and incorporates accountability at all levels will be developed and implemented to accommodate continual improvement.