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Co-Curriculum at FSOP

{taken from page 41 of the 2017-18 Student Handbook}


Current Co-curricular activities:

Mission Life 2018 (Category:  Innovation and entrepreneurship)


Co-curricular activities and experiences are designed to complement, augment, and/or advanced what is learned in the formal didactic and experiential pharmacy curriculum (ACPE Guidance for Standards 2016). FSOP aims to further develop co-curricular offerings and student reflection with activities that deepen understanding of the profession, ensure opportunities for students to document competency in affective domain-related expectations, and advance the professional development of students.


Categories of co-curricular activities include:


• Education of pharmacy professionals

• Education of and service to the public

• Cultural sensitivity and social awareness

• Self-awareness

• Leadership and advocacy

• Professionalism

• Innovation and entrepreneurship


Requirements for Co-Curricular Activities, By Year (starts with P1 class in fall 2017) 


  P1 P2 P3
Education of Pharmacist      

Education Of Public

Cultural Sensitivity/Social Awareness      
Leadership and Advocacy      
Innovation and Entrepreneurship      
Yearly Activities Required Complete 7 activities from at least 4 categories Complete 4 activities from at least 3 categories Complete 7 activities from at least 4 categories
Cumulative Requirement    By the end of P2 year 5 categories should have at least 1 activity  By the end of P3 year, you must have at least 1 activity in each category


Stakes for Completion of Co-Curricular Activities and Reflections

• The co-curricular coordinator will email out “progress reports” to students (reminding them of what has been entered into CardinalsSync for their co-curricular activities) by February 1.
• Mentors will follow up and ensure completion of the requirements by April 15th.
• Mentors will communicate those findings to the co-curricular coordinator who will then advise any students who are missing completion that they will be called before the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
• If the student does not complete the activities and reflections by June 1, he/she will not be allowed to progress through the program until all activities are up to date.