Professional Development

Fall 2018

Academic Writing

Academic Writing and Formatting

This workshop provides a foundation of how to organize a scholarly paper, expectations for scholarly writing, and provides resources for academic writing.

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Dissertation Writing & Formatting

This workshop concentrates on best practices for completing the dissertation as an academic document and includes an overview of the format review process in the context of publishing the dissertation into UIW’s online electronic repositories.

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Developing a Literature Review: Library Databases & Resources

This workshop will focus on how to use library databases to find scholarly peer reviewed articles in your discipline. An emphasis will also be placed on managing resources.

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Spring 2019

Professional Development

Three Minute Thesis-3MT ®

3MT ® Website

Developed by the University of Queensland in 2008 and designed originally for PhD students, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT ®) is a research communication competition in which students have just three short minutes to present a compelling speech about their research and its significance. The competition gives students valuable practice in editing and condensing difficult research, and an opportunity to excel at a public presentation of that research using non-specialist language to their peers, professors, and the public.

This year's 3MT competition will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Triple Helix Career Panel

Over the last decade, globalization has overwhelmed an increasing number of professionals, challenging them to rethink basic paradigms on what it takes to succeed in the global era of economic development and social transformation. As the marketplace changes and the workforce becomes increasingly competitive, more and more people are discovering a bachelor's degree is no longer enough - an advanced degree is necessary for moving ahead in their current career, or switching fields’ altogether.

However, one of the biggest issues in graduate education is the employability of students with graduate degrees. Clear career options for graduate degree holders are often lacking and employers play an important role in strengthening graduate education. They must clarify expectations of graduate recipients and help convey industry needs to graduate schools.

This panel discussion explores what employers expect of graduate degree holders, the skills they need and how we create opportunities for graduate degree holders to stay and work in San Antonio.

Awards and Recognition


The title "ARISE" is drawn from Isaiah 60:1, " Arise, shine; for your light is come." The ARISE award seeks to recognize currently enrolled master’s and doctoral students who have demonstrated exemplary service related to a social justice issue and who have unselfishly sought to bring positive change in the community.