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Download the Official UIW Mobile App

Use the app for quick and easy access to important information and notifications about what is currently happening at UIW. Make sure to keep up with updates, as we continue to add additional features and integrations.

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Opt-In to Receive Notifications for Important Information

You may choose to receive notifications from UIW about events happening on Campus, emergency notices, and important news. More channels will become available to opt-in over time, so check back periodically!

How to Opt-in:

Click on the account icon at the top of the screen ( )
Select "Messages" on the menu
Select "OPT-IN" to view the channels available
Select the channel you wish to receive notifications from
Click on the green "OPT IN" button and you're done!

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Download Links

Search for the UIW app in the Apple app store or the Google play store, or simply use the links below.

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