U.S. Army

The University of the Incarnate Word is proud to serve as an educational provider for Army soldiers. We are pleased to provide programs and courses that are military friendly.

School of Professional Studies Benefits

You will have a personal advisor who will help along the way of achieving your degree. You can complete a regionally accredited degree from an institution founded in 1881 without ever coming to campus—but we would love to have you come to commencement!

  • No fees or expenses. Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits cover all costs.
  • FREE textbooks in the School of Professional Studies. We will supply your textbooks at no charge to you whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • No proctored exams for online coursework. All of your work is done online when your class is held in the online format.
  • We will not charge you or require you do a certain number of classes in order to have us evaluate your AARTS. We do it immediately and for FREE!
  • We will also schedule our classes for you. When you maintain continuous enrollment, you will find classes you need each term.

Students should always consult their service education office before engaging in any voluntary education endeavor.

Admissions and Application

Active Duty Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves should apply for Tuition Assistance through their GoArmyEd account. GoArmyEd students using Tuition Assistance must use the GoArmyEd Portal to apply and register for classes.

U.S. Army students must process their enrollment by completing and submitting the Common Application through the GoArmyEd portal at www.goarmyed.com.

Before you submit an application, you must contact an ACES counselor or the Education Center to assign University of the Incarnate Word as the home institution and choose a degree to pursue.

Once the UIW Admissions Counselor receives your application, a welcome message is sent to the military email address on the GoArmy application with more information.

SPS Registration

Registration for GoArmyEd students open exactly 2 months prior to the start date of the term in the GoArmyEd Portal

GoArmyEd Degree Programs (SPS)

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) (Available online or classroom)

This degree allows students who have completed two years of college work or have completed a community college degree to finish a four year degree without losing credit for their previous work. 30-36 hours in an occupational or technical field will be required to take part in this program. This can come from your AARTS transcript.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development (Available online or classroom)

This is an excellent degree for soldier students. It is a degree that all areas of business are looking for in their employees. Graduates of this degree will be able to take a values-based approach to change in organizations. This degree requires a large amount of elective credit, which means your military credits will be used to move toward graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with concentrations in:

  • Accounting (Available online and in-class)
  • Finance (Available in-class)
  • General Business (Available online and in-class)
  • Information Systems (Available online and in-class)
  • Marketing (Available online)
  • Social Marketing (Available online)
  • Management (Available online and in-class)
  • Project Management (Available online and in-class)

Master's Degrees

Master of Arts in Administration (MAA) with concentrations in:

  • Applied Administration (Available online or classroom)
  • Communication Arts (Available online)
  • Organizational Development (Available online or classroom)

Master of Business Administration (Professional MBA) (Available online or classroom)
The MBA has undergraduate prerequisites that must be completed before completing this program of graduate study. If your undergraduate degree was not in a business area, you may wish to consider the MAA program which doesn't have specific prerequisite courses.