U.S. Air Force

The University of the Incarnate Word is proud to serve as an educational provider in the Air University's AU-ABC Program and UIW GEM Program. We are pleased to provide programs and courses that are airman friendly.

School of Professional Studies Benefits

We will work with you to complete your coursework with or without internet access. You will have a personal advisor who will help along the way of achieving your degree. You can complete a regionally accredited degree from an institution founded in 1881 without ever coming to campus—but we would love to have you come to commencement!

  • No fees or expenses. TA benefits cover all costs.
  • FREE textbooks. SPS will supply your textbooks at no charge to you whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Accelerated 8-week courses with six terms a year
  • No proctored exams for online coursework. All of your work is done online when your class is held in the online format.

Students should always consult their service education office before engaging in any voluntary education endeavor.

Tuition Assistance (TA)

Applying for TA

Active Duty Air Force members should apply for Tuition Assistance through their Air Force Portal account at the Air Force Virtual Education Center site.

Paying with TA

TA must be submitted to the Business Office (once approved and signed) for processing. Students who fail to turn in their approved TA forms will be held responsible for the balance.

Submit your TA form.

UIW GEM Program

Visit the Air Force GEM Program webpage to learn more.


The AU-ABC program is an initiative between Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and regionally accredited civilian academic institutions to complete a four-year degree. The program maximizes the utilization of military credit career education and training. The AU-ABC program is directed to active-duty members in the United States Air Force.

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) (Available online or classroom)
This degree allows students who have completed two years college work or have completed a community college degree to finish a four year degree without losing credit for their previous work. It can be used with your Community College of the Air Force degree. 18-30 hours in an occupational or technical field will be required to take part in this program.

Bachelor of Arts in Administration (Available online or classroom)

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources (Available online or classroom)

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development (Available online or classroom)
This is an excellent degree for military students. It is a degree that all areas of business are looking for in their employees. Graduates of this degree will be able to take a values-based approach to change in organizations. In addition, this degree requires a large amount of elective credit which means your military credits will be used to move toward graduation.

  1. Eligible Air Force students will need to apply through the SPS Admissions Application (or click on the Apply button on the website header above). On the Certification & Signature tab in the application, make sure to type AU-ABC on the “Provide any additional information” field.
  2. Once the admissions team receives the application, the airman will receive an email confirming the interest in the AU-ABC program.
  3. Copies of transcripts from previous Universities and colleges may be submitted initially so the admissions team may make a decision. Once admission is completed, official copies of all transcripts must be received within 16 weeks of your first enrollment to be eligible to enroll in future classes.

Once the admission is completed, you will receive a pin from your Academic Advisor to access the registration portal. Please follow instructions on the SPS Registration page to register. Log into Cardinal Apps and click on Bannerweb.

If you receive an error when trying to register for classes in BannerWeb, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Please ensure you received an email with your alternate pin from your Academic Advisor. If not, please email your Academic Advisor for assistance or email eapadvising@uiwtx.edu


"UIW is a fantastic school, especially for military. I received such personal attention that every time I called my adviser, she knew exactly who I was and what program I was a part of...unheard of in my college experience. They pay for books (including through grad school) and only charge what TA will pay for. The teachers are outstanding and the campus is beautiful. After I'm finished with my master's, I may go back for a doctorate! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
-Jason Jones, Current Student