If you want to speak to someone about

  • General program information, admission criteria, conditional admission, and degree programs, contact:
Dr. Mark Teachout, MAA Director
Phone: (210) 829-3177
E-Mail: teachout@uiwtx.edu
  • For specific information concerning the following MAA concentrations contact:

Adult Education
Dr. Normam St. Clair
Phone: (210) 829-3138
E-Mail: stclair@uiwtx.edu

Communication Arts
Dr. Valerie Greenberg
Phone: (210) 829-6036
E-Mail: valprof@aol.com

Healthcare Administration
Dr. Dan Dominguez
Phone: (210) 829-3180
E-Mail: domingue@uiwtx.edu

Dr. Beth Senne-Duff
Phone: (210) 829-3165
E-Mail: beths@uiwtx.edu

Organizational Development
Dr. Mark Teachout
Phone: (210) 829-3177
E-Mail: teachout@uiwtx.edu

Sports Management
Dr. Randall Griffiths
Phone: (210) 829-2795
E-Mail: rgriffit@uiwtx.edu

  • If you want information mailed to you, or if you would like to apply for admission:

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