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Office 365 Important Information

The Information Resources Division is pleased to report that the implementation of the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite of applications is successfully completed for all members of the UIW community. While there are several innovative apps to explore and to adopt into your day-to-day activities, training offerings to the community and support efforts for the next few months will focus on:

  • Outlook web email
  • Personal and room resource calendaring
  • OneDrive personal and shared file storage
  • Using Groups and Forms

Look for regular announcements on training opportunities in the daily Word or go to the training and tutorials page.

Installing Office 365

Using Office 365

  • Office 365 Groups

    Office 365 Groups

    Create a Group in Outlook

    Share Group Files

    Add or Remove Group Members

    Leave a Group

    Delete a Group

    Have a Group Conversation in Outlook

    Schedule a Meeting in the Group Calendar

  • Office 365 OneDrive for Business  

    OneDrive for Business is the service used by UIW for faculty, students and staff document storage in the cloud. As you read the tutorials, remember that OneDrive for Business is synonymous with OneDrive - University of the Incarnate Word.

    What is OneDrive?

    OneDrive Quick Start

    Storing Files in the Cloud

    Upload Files to the OneDrive

    What is File Sharing?

    Store, Share and Sync Files

    Share OneDrive Files and Folders

    Share Files, Folders and Links

    Share Files in a Site Library

    Collaboration and Co-Authoring

    Stop File Sharing

    Document Versioning

    OneDrive File Security

  • Office 365 and Office Online

    Learn Your Way Around Office 365

    Office Online in Office 365

    Co-authoring Office Documents

    Basic Tasks in Word Online

    Share a Word Document

    Co-Author a Word Document

    Basic Tasks in Excel Online

    Share an Excel Workbook

    Co-Author an Excel Workbook

    Basic Tasks in PowerPoint Online

    Share a PowerPoint Presentation

    Co-Author a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Microsoft Forms  

    What are Forms?

    Create a Form

    Create a Quiz

    Adjust Form or Quiz Settings

    Collect Responses to a Form or Quiz

    Check Results (Form)

    Check Results (Quiz)

    Add a Picture to a Question

    Add a Video to a Question

    Share a Form to Collaborate

    Use Branching

    Copy a Form

    Delete a Form

    Block Internet Access During a Quiz

  • Office 365 eBooks: Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote  



  • Using Outlook  

    Tame Your Email and Calendar

    Manage Your Inbox

    Choose How to Reply

    Smarter Attachments

    Command Your Calendar

    Find Out Who's Available

    Unite Our Team with Groups`aef27003-2ce6-4c62-ad6c-d5fc472507cf

    Get Caught Up with Your Team

    Communicate with Your Team

    Collaborate with Your Team

    Schedule with Your Team

    Organize Your Team's Tasks

    Get a New Team Member Up to Speed

  • Skype for Business  

    Discover Skype for Business

    Introducing Skype for Business

    Skype for Business 2016 Training

    Explore Skype for Business

    Add a Contact

    Check a Contact's Presence and IM Them

    Change Your Picture

    Use Desktop and App Sharing

    Present and Annotate a PowerPoint Deck that You are Sharing

    Meeting Follow Up

  • Office 365 Capabilities

    Work together seamlessly

    Save a presentation to OneDrive for Business using your tablet

    Edit a presentation on a tablet

    Share a presentation with teammates

    Collaborate on a presentation

    Find and open a Word document on a tablet

    Copy a chart from Excel to a Word document on a tablet

    Share a folder in OneDrive for Business with teammates

    Co-edit a Word document with teammates

  • Sway  

    Getting Started With Sway

    Sway 2016 Help

  • Delve  

    What is Delve?

    Delve 2016 Help

Office 365 FAQ's

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