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  • Printing


    In the summer of 2017 the University began transitioning to a new managed print arrangement that fielded new cutting edge Xerox multi-function printers. All new print devices provide a full suite of capability including color and black&white printing, copying, and scan to email.  By the end of the 2018 school year, all printers across the University will be part of this program.

    UIW Print Installation - PC

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of printing using your PC. Learn to print from your PC (PDF)

    UIW Print Installation - Mac

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of printing using your Mac. Learn to print from your Mac (PDF)

    UIW Print from the Web

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of printing using a web browser.(PDF)


    Pricing for prints on ALL UIW owned Xerox devices will be charged on a per page basis as outlined below:

      Single Sided Double Sided
    Black and White $.06 $.04
    Color $.24 $.20

    Note:  The default settings for all printers are black and white and double sided.  These settings can be changed when printing through printer properties. 


    All units are capable of black & white and color printing along with copying as well as scanning to email.  The various printer models only differ in their speeds and capacities. Units can have a fax card added to them if required.  All units are also fielded with installed ID card readers that are used to quickly identify users.

    Unlike many direct printing models which had users chose a single "printer" to print to, users now can print to a secure virtual printer called "UIW Print Anywhere".  This allows employees to print and release the job to ANY printer in the UIW managed print program.  

    All prints are securely held until the user swipes their ID card and releases the print job. Users that forget their ID cards can also login with their username and password on the main printer screen.  Note:  Print jobs are only held for 24 hours after they are printed, at which point the print job is deleted.

    Users who print very frequently in a secure space can be setup to print directly to a specific printer and will not have to swipe their ID.  

    During the initial setup in each school/department a technician will help make sure you are setup to print to the right printer.

    If you are curious about installing the software yourself or would like to map a personal computer the instructions for setting up "UIW Print Anywhere" are available here for PC and here for Mac.

    In addition to printing from a UIW laptop or desktop there are several other ways to print.

    Web printing - Employees are able to upload print jobs to the UIW Print Anywhere queue from any Internet connected computer through a web page.  As a result, users can print from off campus and pick up their print job at any UIW Print connected printer.  Instructions for web print are available here.

    Mobile Printing - Employees will be able to print directly from Smartphones, Tablets, and other similar mobile devices. This feature is currently in testing and will be rolled out soon. 

    USB Printing - Employees can print from USB devices by plugging into the printer and swiping their ID.


    All students will begin the year with $1.00 in their UIW print account.  Students add money to their print account through the UIW MyWord Portal using a credit card, debit card, or prepaid card. Click here for student instructions on adding money.

    The GoPrint system will no longer be in operation.  If students have GoPrint cards with value on them, they can transfer this value into the new system by visiting the Library circulation desk or the Help Desk.


    Toner - Toner levels are monitored proactively and when toner levels fall below 20% new toner will be shipped directly to where it is required.  

    Support - If there is a printer problem, the first line of troubleshooting is contacting the UIW help desk.  Should it be necessary, a Dahill service technician will be requested.  Dahill has a one business day service level agreement with UIW.  Don't forget if one printer is having an issue, employees and students can release their print job at any UIW Print connected printer (all Xerox machines). 


    This section contains written and video instructions for various components of the UIW print Program.

    Connecting a Non-UIW PC to the UIW Print program

    Connecting a Mac (UIW and non UIW) to the UIW Print Program

    Using UIW Web Print functionality printed instructions OR video instructions

    How students add money to their UIW Print Account printed instructions OR video instructions

  • Communication

    Email:  (

    Your UIW email account is available off campus through Office 365  Web Access.

    Emergency Notification System

    UIW utilizes Rave Alert for its emergency notification system. For more information on Rave, log in to the MyWord portal and select the "Rave Alert" button from the launchpad.


    Details on how to access you voice mailbox, create greetings, forward calls, etc…Click here Telephone Support

  • Available Software

    Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS):  (

    Provides faculty with a system for posting course syllabi, assignments, discussion boards, online quizzes, video lecture capture, etc. Other employees may use Blackboard to log in to various “Blackboard Organizations” in which they participate

    Kaltura MediaSpace (

    Kaltura is the university’s video repository for its educational and promotional videos. Users can create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on-demand videos, video presentations, screencasts, and other media content. Kaltura also works with Blackboard courses to deliver lecture capture and video materials, video assignments, and sharing of student and faculty video content within the Blackboard Learn platform.

     M.S. Office Suite Software

    UIW has an agreement with Microsoft Corporation which permits all UIW faculty and staff to use popular Microsoft software on their work computers.  More details here:  Microsoft Software for Employees

    Adobe Creative Suite Software

    UIW has a licensing agreement with Adobe to provide its Creative Suite on all UIW employee and lab computers.

    Web-Conference Software

    UIW Instructional Technology has a limited number of licenses for departments to check out and use to moderate web conferences. The Zoom service is free for those that only need a one-to-one session and for an unlimited time. However, once you have three to 50 people, your time will be limited to 40 minutes. If you want a longer meeting time with 3-50 attendees, you'll need a paid license. That's where we come in. Learn more about Zoom.

  • Access

    Portal:  (

    Your employee portal, called myWord, provides single sign-on access to many tech tools (e.g., UIW Mail, Blackboard, Bannerweb, etc.).

    Campus Wireless Network 

    Employees have access to wireless internet connectivity across campus. In classrooms, the library, and indoor/outdoor gathering spaces, most users will want to select the uiw-connect network connection. Guests should connect to the guest network to get access to the Internet only. Employee login credentials for wireless are the same as they are for email.

    Mobile App 

    Download the Mobile App for iOS devices or Android:

    Additional information on mobile device support can be found here: Mobile Device Support
  • Data and Storage

    Office365 - OneDrive 

    In the Spring of 2017 UIW employees were migrated to Office 365.  This provides every user with 5 Terabytes of online storage space.  Users should keep all work related files in their OneDrive to have safe and secure access from any device.  Of Note - Users SHOULD NOT store work files on personal file storage services such as Dropbox, Box, or others.

  • Employee Purchases


    Dell Educational Discounts (create a free account and log in to Dell’s UIW site for discount pricing).  More details by clicking Learn more about Dell Educational Discounts.

    Varsity Buys 

    Employees can purchase certain software at a discount through this site.  More details at: VarsityBuys

  • Other Technical Information

    Computer Labs on Campus

    Classroom Technology

    iTunesU at UIW

    Training & Tutorials         

    Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection

    Security Awareness

    Request Forms

    Mobile Device Support

    Site Clean-Up Initiative (PDF)


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