Featured Faculty

Armando Barrera Headshot

Armando Barrera

Armando Barrera is an author, professor and researcher at The Incarnate Word University, Mexico City Campus. He has collaborated with the institution since 2014.

Dr. Russell Coates  Headshot

Dr. Russell Coates

It is a tremendous blessing to witness various areas of participants’ growth (optometric skills, critical thinking, language skills, leadership, confidence, hearts, & faith) while serving our neighbors in the Americas.

Laura Cortes-Franco Headshot

Laura Cortes-Franco

I am a Mexican citizen and immigrant with a work permit that has previously worked for the Mexican government in the United States.

Maria Felix-Ortiz Headshot

Maria Felix-Ortiz

My research focuses on drug use epidemiology, treatment, and cultural identity. 

María Lourdes Alarcón Fortepiani Headshot

María Lourdes Alarcón Fortepiani

The encounter with underserved populations with different dietary habits, economical resources and access to Health Care in Mexico widened her perspective of patient education and inspired her to adapt the content of patient education resources

Dr. Teresa Harrison Headshot

Dr. Teresa Harrison

Dr. Teresa Harrison studies diversity and has published scholarly research on topics including immigrant experiences in the workplace as well as national and international cultural value differences and job choice preferences.

Dr. John Hooker Headshot

Dr. John Hooker

Dr. John Hooker is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science. A geologist by background, John has extensive field experience in Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Yutaki Maki Headshot

Yutaki Maki

Being raised and moving from Japan at a formative age, I have a unique perspective regarding cross-border experience.

Monica Mendez Headshot

Monica Mendez

My experience as a physical therapy student, clinician, and educator in Mexico and the United States has defined how I impact our future clinicians.

Zazil Reyes Garcia Headshot

Zazil Reyes Garcia

Dr. Reyes García had her first cross-border experience as a teenager when her family moved from southern Mexico to North Carolina. Her world opened as she learned to navigate a new culture and to speak a new language.

Scott Roberts Headshot

Scott Roberts

Dr. Scott Roberts is Professor of Marketing in the H-E-B School of Business & Administration, and was a Fulbright Border Scholar in 1997-1998 while working at UT-Brownsville (now a part of UT-Pan Am).

Matt Walk Headshot

Matt Walk

I have the honor and privilege of leading an international group of physical therapy students from both UIW and Instituto Profesional en Terapias y Humanidades during an annual week-long mission in Oaxaca.

Tim Wingert Headshot

Tim Wingert

Working with the optometry school in Periera, Colombia to discuss ways our programs could cooperate in order to enhance the education of the students in each country provided me with an insight into the process in other countries.

Dr. Jeannette Wong-Powell Headshot

Dr. Jeannette Wong-Powell

Dr. Jeannette Wong-Powell is a daughter of two nations whose education started in Mexico among the people now targeted by her international work.