Student dorm residents

On-campus housing is a very popular option, especially among first-year students. As soon as you are a confirmed student, you are encouraged to submit your housing application. Priority for room selection will be based on the date your housing deposit is received.

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UIW's Housing Process

  • Okay! I want in, How do I do this?
    All of our campus housing is processed through the housing portal. First, review the application checklist to ensure all requirements have been fulfilled.Then, proceed to the Housing Portal to begin your housing application.
  • When do I Apply?
    Housing applications are accepted on a rolling deadline; however, students are encouraged to consult the housing process dates on the housing portal to determine when each step of the process is recommended to be completed.
  • What about selecting my own room?
    First year students will have the opportunity to select their room during the application process. Any students who have applied for housing, but miss the opportunity for room selection, will have their room assigned by the Office of Residence Life according to room availability and the room preferences designated on the housing application.
  • What if I have someone I would like to be roommates with?
    If you prefer to live with a specific person, please search for them by screen name during the Roommate Selection Step of the housing application process. Roommates may need to be broken up if there are no rooms available to accommodate the request.
  • Alright! what have I done wrong?
    Please note that a room cannot be selected in the housing application process until the $225 housing deposit has been received and proof of the meningitis immunization has been submitted.