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What is the Focused Learning and Growth System? (FLAGS)

FLAGS is a new residential experience developed by and for the University of the Incarnate Word.  Through this experience, our students will have opportunities to explore the Five Mission Tenets of Innovation, Faith, Truth, Service, and Education, in addition to Engagement.  We will explore these themes through a variety of different methods:

  • Bulletin Boards

    Themed boards that have an educational component

  • Handouts
    Opportunities for personal interaction with residents and learn about resources on campus
  • Intentional Interaction
    Purposeful conversations and activity between the RA and residents
  • Community Gathering (CG)
    Bi-monthly events that focus on developing community
  • Got to Go Programming (G2G)
    Programs where RAs bring residents to events already occurring on campus
  • Program of Intention (POI)
    Interactive program focused on one of the themes
  • Building Traditions Event (BTE)
    Community building program that will reoccur every year
  • The Resident
    Monthly newsletter that outlines the happenings of our department
  • Questions to Ponder (Q2P)
    Questions designed for self reflection

Make sure you join the Residence Life group on UIW Engage to receive up-to-date information regarding programming, sign up for events, and complete post-event evaluations!

The Themes Community Gatherings G2G Programming POI Programming BTE Programming The Resident