The interviews below with the faculty and alumni of the Master of Health Administration program will help you gain a better understanding of the history of the program and the opportunities it provides.

Faculty Interviews

  • Dr. Chris Nesser | MHA Director

    MHA Director Dr. Chris Nesser discusses the rigor of the MHA program.

    MHA Director Dr. Chris Nesser shares what she finds fulfilling about the program.

  • Dr. Kevin LaFrance

    Dr. Kevin LaFrance discusses the Experiential Learning Model of the MHA program.

    Dr. Kevin LaFrance talks about the MHA Graduate Assistantship program.

  • Dr. Daniel Dominguez

    Dr. Daniel Dominguez, professor emeritus and former MHA director, discusses the history of the MHA program and how it has evolved.

Alumni Interviews

  • Dan Overton

    Alumnus Dan Overton shares what he learned in the program and how it has impacted his career.

  • Huda Terraz

    Alumna Huda Terraz discusses why she chose the MHA program at UIW.

    Alumna Huda Terraz shares the impact the MHA had on her career.

    Alumna Huda Terraz discusses what she enjoyed most about the MHA program at UIW.