The Finance concentration provides students with an understanding of the importance of money management in business and the impact of financial decisions. The concentration’s coursework is designed to encourage students to think critically, analytically, creatively, and globally. Also, the concentration’s coursework covers the most essential and diverse topics of Finance, such as, Corporate Finance, Financial Planning and Investments among others.


In 2011, San Antonio's financial sector employed more than 65,400 people, and despite the harsh economic climate it reported revenue increases, positioning it as one of the city's most stable, promising and significant business sectors. The Financial Services industry in San Antonio includes the following sectors: banking and credit; investment activities; insurance; funds, trusts and other financial vehicles; accounting and bookkeeping San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.

One of the main goals of this program is to prepare the MBA students with the skills required to be successful in this rising sector in San Antonio.

Degree Plan

To fulfill the requirements for this MBA degree program and concentration, the student must complete 36 hours of graduate coursework:

A. 27 semester hours of coursework:

B. 6 semester hours of elective coursework in Finance among the following topics:

C. 3 semester hours in BMGT 63CS Capstone: Cases in Management Problems