The H-E-B School of Business and Administration holds a UIW campus-wide Business Plan Competition during each fall semester.

The winning team takes home a $2,000 cash prize. Second place is awarded $1,000.

Who Can Participate

The Business Plan Competition is open to all UIW students (undergraduate and graduate). Students do not need to be business majors to compete.

Creation of teams is highly recommended, but students can compete on their own.

Why You Should Compete

Participating in the Business Plan Competition allows students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. As students build their plans and develop their business model, they will practice problem-solving, critical thinking and increase their ability to work with others.

Teams will develop a business idea (business model) to create a product or service. Then, they will write a business plan to launch it in the marketplace. The business plan incorporates students' knowledge of finance, management and human resources, marketing and consumers, accounting, business law and information systems.

By participating in this competition, students will have access to exclusive workshops and material focused on the development of a successful business model and business plan. In addition, all teams will receive thoughtful and constructive feedback from mentors (professors and other community professional volunteers) as they develop their business plan.

Other benefits to participants include resume building, real-world mentoring and, of course, cash prizes for the top teams.

How It Works

The Business Plan Competition is divided into two phases.

Phase 1: During the first phase, participants will attend a series of workshops related to the development of a business model. Then, the top business ideas will be selected to pass to the second phase.

Phase 2: In the second phase, participants will write their business plan. In this stage, students will learn about the structure of a successful business plan while receiving feedback from mentors.

Important Dates

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Registration coming soon.

If you are competing as a team, please select one member to be the main contact person for your team. Please submit only one registration form per team.

If you are competing as an individual, please complete the form below and skip the questions specific to teams.

For more information or questions please contact.

Dr. Jose F. Moreno
(210) 930 8011

Previous Winners

Below is a list of previous winners of the Business Plan Competition. Click on the links to read more about their winning business plans.

2016-2017: AirHeels LLC - Kerstin Blachnik and Niklas Blachnik | AirHeels LLC – The siblings’ product combine two staples of every woman’s closet: high heels and flats.
2015-2016: Social Stash - Ramil Rodriguez | Social Stash – Third-party hub that connects social media users with organizations and their advertising budgets.