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The Brown Bag Research Series exists to promote research and draw attention to the ongoing academic exploration occurring within the H-E-B School of Business and Administration.

Each 60-minute presentation offers faculty, students and members of the business community an opportunity to present their work and engage in scholarly dialogue. The presentations cover a wide range of topics and are offered during the spring and fall semesters.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a "brown bag" lunch to enjoy during the presentation. The laid-back atmosphere is ideal for one-on-one dialogue between presenters and attendees.

Fall 2019 Schedule

  • Sept. 19, 2019 | Dr. Teresa Harrison

    Dr. Teresa Harrison

    Strangers in Strained Lands: Learning from Workplace Experiences of Immigrant Employees

    Presented by Dr. Teresa Harrison

    Thursday, September 19, 2019 | Noon | Mabee Library, Special Collections Room

    More on the topic: Immigrants have become an important source of talent as well as a flash point for conflict in many countries. Alongside established streams of immigrant research, we hope to galvanize interest among management scholars, particularly about immigrant employees. Ideas about creativity and voice, diversity, coworker and supervisor support and antagonism and social network structures are presented to help generate broader research agendas that include immigrant employee experiences and contributions to promote partnerships with organizations for integrating immigrants more fully into the workplace (Harrison, D., University of Texas, Harrison, T. UIW, & Shaffer, M. University of Oklahoma).

  • Oct. 10, 2019 | Dr. Chris Nesser and Dr. Lynn Downs

    Dr. Lynn Downs Dr. Chris Nesser

    Health Insurance Coverage Rates Impact on Access to Care

    Presented by Dr. Chris Nesser and Dr. Lynn Downs

    Thursday, October 10, 2019 | Noon | Student Engagement Center (SEC) room 2030/2031

    More on the topic: This presentation, a work-in-progress, will present research results on the relationship between insurance and access to health care, and more specifically, how different types of insurance contribute to access to health care. Our study uses responses from the Health Reform Monitoring Survey (HRMS) for the years 2013 to 2017. HRMS is an individual-level survey designed to provide timely information on the impacts the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the changes in health insurance coverage have had on health outcomes.

  • Nov. 6, 2019 | Dr. Tim Griesdorn

    Dr. Tim Griesdorn

    Does the Behavioral Life Cycle Hypothesis Predict Homeownership?

    Presented by Dr. Tim Griesdorn

    Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | Noon | Gorman Building, room 120

    More on the topic: The behavioral life cycle hypothesis suggests that mental accounting, framing, and self-control work together when consumers make decisions. This paper uses data collected with an Amazon MTurk survey on affordable housing. The purpose is to determine if the behavioral factors of self-control, mental accounting and framing have a statistical impact on rates of homeownership. The hypothesis is people with higher levels of self-control, engage in mental accounting, and frame homeownership as desirable will be more likely to be homeowners controlling for other factors such as age, income, risk tolerance, time horizon, financial literacy, and marital status.

  • Previous Presentations

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    • Dr. David Vequist and Earl Harmsen | November 5, 2018 | "A logical model for reducing health care costs through mathematical selection by distance and quality"
    • Dr. Theresa Tiggeman | February 6, 2019 | "Accountants’ Perspective on the Environment"
    • Dr. Alejandro Velez | March 5, 2019 | "Conflict, peace, and political risk: Colombia’s surprising resilience"