Why Heidelberg?

UIW-Heidelberg is the perfect place for you and your fellow Cardinals to take flight and study abroad in Germany, gain an in-depth understanding of the European Union (EU) and explore Europe in your free time. All courses are taught in English, either at UIW-Heidelberg or at our local partner university, SRH Heidelberg. You don't have to worry about your courses transferring, as the courses taken at UIW-Heidelberg are the same UIW courses that are offered at our San Antonio main campus.

Heidelberg is centrally located in Europe and home to Germany's oldest university. Courses, housing, and numerous excursions are included in the program. UIW-Heidelberg is intended to be an easy choice to make, as we have taken all of the guesswork out of the equation.

So much awaits you in Heidelberg! Come and experience the combination of high-tech industry and hundreds of years of rich history.

  • Experience German history firsthand
  • Enjoy the beauty of a historical building without foregoing any modern convenience
  • Live and study in a safe residential area adjacent to the charming city center
  • Make lifelong friends through the classes you attend and the numerous activities that the ESC program offers
  • Take advantage of Heidelberg’s central location and proximity to major cities in Europe

A wide variety of excursions, such as cultural field trips and company visits are included and an integral part of your semester abroad program. We made sure that no one goes home feeling like you were not able to see enough of Heidelberg and the rest of Europe. Our dedicated team also organizes many optional evening and weekend activities.

UIW Scholarships and Financial Aid may be applied to help reduce the cost of attending during the Fall or Spring semester.

What are you waiting for? U go...I go...We go to UIW-Heidelberg!