• Emily Calderón Galdeano

    Emily Calderon GaldeanoEmily Calderón Galdeano

    Director of Research for Excelencia in Education

  • Melisa Cabello Havrda

    Melissa Cabello HavrdaMelisa Cabello Havrda

    Partner Casner and Cabello Havrda PLLC

  • Ruby Resendez

    Ruby Resendez HeadshotRuby Resendez

    Managing Partner and CEO of Cilantro Creative

  • Mellisa Aguillon

    Melissa GuillonMellisa Aguillon

    CEO/President of Aguillon & Associates LLC

  • Sandra Lorena San Miguel

    Sandra Lorena San Miguel HeadshotSandra Lorena San Miguel

    Program Director at the National Cancer Institute in Washington DC

  • Andrea Guajardo

    Andrea Guajardo HeadshotAndrea Guajardo

    Director of Community Health for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System

  • Amanda Villarreal

    Amanda Villareal HeadshotAmanda Villarreal

    Independent Educator, Consultant, and Grant Writer

  • Judy Trevino

    Judy Trevino HeadshotJudy Trevino

    Director of Accounting, Budget, and general Service for Brook City Base 

  • Jaymie Balboa-Mangelsdorf

    Jaymie Balboa-Mangelsdorf HeadshotJaymie Balboa-Mangelsdorf

    Associate Director of Governmental Relations at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

  • Coda Rayo-Garza

    Coda Rayo-GarzaCoda Rayo-Garza

    Director of Zoning and Planning for City Councilman Ron Nirenberg


  • Maricarmen Barron Esper

    Mariacarmen Barron Esper

    Maricarmen Barron Esper

    UIW Junior Student, Major is in International Affairs with Minor in International Business

  • Aralexis Hargrove

    Aralexis Hargrove HeadshotAralexis Hargrove

    UIW Junior Student, Major is in Biology with the goal of becoming a Pediatrician in the Future

  • Mariaelena Boyl

    Mariaelena Boyl HeadshotMariaelena Boyl

    UIW Junior Student, Double-Majoring in Biochemistry and Arts on a Pre-Med track

  • Mariella Metz-Yeverino

    Mariella Metz-YeverinoMariella Metz-Yeverino

    UIW Senior Student, Major is in English with a Minor in Religious Studies

  • Chelsea Zambrano

    Chelsea Zambrano HeadshotChelsea Zambrano

    UIW Junior Student, Major is in Biology on a Pre-Medicine Route

  • Anastasia Monroy

    Anastasia Monroy

    Anastasia Monroy

    UIW Junior student, Major is in Nursing and plans to become a Pediatric Nurse in the Future

  • Elizabeth Morales

    Elizabeth Morales HeadshotElizabeth Morales

    UIW Junior student, Double Majoring in English and Communication Arts

  • Natalia Ramon

    Natalia Ramon Headshot

    Natalia Ramon

    UIW Junior student, Major is in Biology with a focus in Pre- Medicine

  • Daniela Portillo

    Daniela Portillo HeadshotDaniela Portillo

    UIW Student, Major is in Fashion Merchandising

  • Ashley Renee Rivera

    Ashley Renee RiveraAshley Renee Rivera

    UIW Junior Student, Major is in Nursing