Mission Life Call for Teams


International Entrepreneur Competition

Mission Life VIII 2019

Topic: Mental Health

The 2019 International Entrepreneur Competition was two teams of four students from any UIW school or college.

Evaluation of Abstracts

Clarity of the abstract
  • Does the abstract provide all of the information needed by Mission Life in order to understand it?
  • Is it concise and to the point?
Quality and creative work: “See a need, fill a need”
  • Is the work that is undertaken relevant to the current state of knowledge in the field?
  • Is it a potentially important contribution?
  • Is the work of interest to a general audience?
Creativity and originality
  • Is the work novel?

The main goal of the competition was to foster innovative ideas and entrepreneurship that addresses real-world problems, also known as “see a need, fill a need.” 2019's topic was Mental Health. This competition discussed the issues of the 21st century and also brought together some of the brightest minds from around the world, which created solutions to the challenges we are facing today.


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UIW Passport Day! UIW Passport Day was open to all UIW students, faculty, staff and their families. This service was on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please visit travel.state.gov for more information about the materials required to apply or renew your passport. This event took place on Thursday, Sept. 19, in the Student Engagement Center.