• Art

    Full-time Faculty

    Miguel Cortinas

    Miguel Cortinas

    Associate Professor / Department Chair

    Office: Kelso Fine Art Center 108
    Phone: (210) 829-3861
    Adam Mulder

    Adam Mulder

    Assistant Professor

    Office: Sullivan Ceramics Bldg.
    Email: amulder@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 805-3690
    Kathy Vargas

    Kathy Vargas

    Associate Professor

    Office: Kelso Fine Art Center 007
    Email: vargask@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3853

    Part-time Faculty

    Lissette Chavez

    Courses: Printmaking/Painting
    E-mail: lchavez@uiwtx.edu

    Angela Fox

    Courses: Drawing/Painting
    E-mail: afox@uiwtx.edu

    Mark Hansen

    Courses: Ceramic
    E-mail: mthansen@uiwtx.edu

    Phuong-Thao Baker

    Courses: Drawing/Painting
    E-mail: phuong@uiwtx.edu

    Carolee Moore

    Courses: Art History
    E-mail: ccmoore@uiwtx.edu

    Reuben Njaa

    Courses: Photography
    E-mail: njaa@uiwtx.edu

    Gabriella Scott

    Courses: Art History
    E-mail: gbscott@uiwtx.edu

    April Taylor

    Courses: Painting
    E-mail: aflores6@uiwtx.edu

    Andy Villarreal

    Courses: Drawing/Painting
    E-mail: aavillar@uiwtx.edu

    Stella Wheeler

    Courses: Photography
    E-mail: sawheele@uiwtx.edu

  • Asian Studies

    Full-time Faculty

    lopita nath

    Lopita Nath, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor and Chair

    Professor and Chair, Asian Studies Program

    Office: AD 357
    Courses: Asian Studies
    Email: nath@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 832-2187

    Scott Dittloff Headshot

    Dr. Scott Dittlof


    Courses: Government and International Affairs
    Office: AD 380
    Email: dittloff@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-2713

    Emily Clark Headshot

    Dr. Emily Clark

    Associate Professor

    Office: AD 359
    Courses: English
    Email: ejclark@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 283-5061


    Dr. Mary Beth Swofford


    Courses: English
    E-mail:  swofford@uiwtx.edu 
    Phone: (210) 829-3807

    Kevin Salfen Headshot

    Dr. Kevin Salfen

    Assistant Professor

    Office: FA Studio 7
    Courses: Asian Music
    E-mail: salfen@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3849


    Dr. Sara Jackson

    Associate Professor

    Office: GB 105
    Courses: International Business
    E-mail: jacksons@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210)283-5001


    Part-time Faculty

    Michael Gyori

    Asian Philosophy

    E-mail: mgyori@student.uiwtx.edu

    Rolla Alaydi

    Lecturer of Arabic/Department of Modern Languages

    Teaches Elementary Arabic I and II and Intermediate Arabic I and II courses

    E-mail: ralaydi@student.uiwtx.edu

    Chihiro Legris

    Lecturer of Japanese/Department of Modern Languages

    Teaches Elementary Japanese I and II courses

    E-mail: legris@uiwtx.edu

    Dr. Deukhee Gong

    Lecturer of Korean/Department of Modern Languages

    Teaches Elementary Korean I and II courses

    E-mail: dgong@uiwtx.edu

  • Criminal Justice

    Full-time Faculty

    Doshie Piper

    Doshie Piper, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Office: AD 382
    E-mail: dpiper@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 283-6382
    Doshie Piper, Ph.D. Bio
    Doshie Piper, Ph.D. CV

    Georgen Guerrero

    Georgen Guerrero, Ph.D.

    Professor / Criminal Justice Chair

    Office: AD 356
    E-mail: geguerre@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 805-3031
    Georgen Guerrero, Ph.D. Bio

    Part-time Faculty

    Gustavo Gusman, Ph.D.

    E-mail: geguzman@uiwtx.edu

    Brian Reyes

    E-mail: bareyes@uiwtx.edu

  • English

    Full-time Faculty

    Emily Clark, Ph.D.

    Emily Clark, Ph.D.

    Professor / Department Chair

    Office: AD 359
    E-mail: ejclark@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 283-5061

    Interests: Postcolonialism, Modern British Literature, Modern American Literature, Critical Theory
    Courses Taught: Composition I and II, Studies in World Literature, Literary Theory

    David Armstrong, Ph.D.

    David Armstrong, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Office: AD 340C
    E-mail: darmstro@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3886

    Interests: Creative Writing, the Short Story, Contemporary Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, the Novel, the contemporary essay, Naturalism/Realism
    Courses Taught: Fiction Writing, Creative Nonfiction Writing, Magazine/Article Writing, American Literature

    James Baker, Ph.D.

    James Baker, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Office: AD 340D
    E-mail: jabaker2@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 283-6343

    Interests: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Early British Literature, 20th Century American Literature, Technical Communication
    Courses Taught: Composition I & II, World Literature, Technical Communication, Intro to Rhetorical Theory, Rhetorical Criticism, Visual Rhetoric, British Literature, Graphic Novel, Writing for Business

    Luella D'Amico, Ph.D.

    Luella D'Amico, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Office: AD 351
    E-mail: ldamico@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3892

    Interests: Early and Nineteenth-century American literature, Girlhood Studies, Women's Writing, Transatlanticism, Young Adult Fiction, and Native American Literature
    Courses Taught: Composition II, World Literature, American Literature Survey

    Tisha Harding, Ph.D.

    Tisha Harding, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Office: AD 340A
    E-mail: lharding@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-6028

    Interests: Technical Communication, Visual Rhetoric, The Rhetoric of Science Writing, Political Rhetoric
    Courses Taught: Composition, Professional and Technical Communication, Integrated Language Arts, Writing for Business, Writing for Science and Engineering, Rhetorical Theory, Literature for Children and Young Adults

    Benjamin Miele, Ph.D.

    Benjamin Miele, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Office: AD 351
    E-mail: miele@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-2536

    Interests: Early British Literature, Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture, Shakespeare, Non-Shakespearean Renaissance drama, the Reception of the Classics (especially Ovid), History of the English Language, Historical Linguistics, Renaissance Rhetoric, Book History, and Surveillance Studies
    Courses Taught: Composition II, World Literature, Early British Literature Survey

    Tanja Stampfl, Ph.D.

    Tanja Stampfl, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Office: AD 340C
    E-mail: stampfl@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3885

    Interests: World Literature, American Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, Gender and Race Studies,Post-colonial Theory and Literature, Genre Studies
    Course Taught: Composition, World Literature, Literary Theory, The Arab Novel, Contemporary Arab Literature, Publishing and Editing

    Mary Beth Swofford, Ph.D.

    Mary Beth Swofford, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Office: HIT 200D
    E-mail: swofford@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3807


    Part-time Faculty

    Philipi Arevalo

    E-mail: parevelo@uiwtx.edu

    Julie Cohen

    E-mail: jcohen@uiwtx.edu

    Shay Haby

    E-mail: mhaby@uiwtx.edu

    Dr. Maureen King

    E-mail: msking@uiwtx.edu

    Elizabeth Riordan Lakin

    E-mail:  lakin@uiwtx.edu

    Dr. Jo LeCoeur

    E-mail:  lecoeur@uiwtx.edu

    Santiago (Jim) Longoria

    E-mail:  salongo@uiwtx.edu

    Laura Lopez

    E-mail:  lopell@uiwtx.edu

    Dr. Betty Moss

    E-mail:  bmoss@uiwtx.edu

    Emil Mucchetti

    E-mail:  mucchett@uiwtx.edu

    Jeanette Pierce

    E-mail:  jmpierce@uiwtx.edu

    Michelle Pina-Theall

    E-mail: mppina@uiwtx.edu

    Frances Riley

    E-mail: friley@uiwtx.edu

    Emily Robbins

    E-mail: erobbins@uiwtx.edu

    Katherine Skwarczek

    E-mail: skwarcze@uiwtx.edu

    Jackie Sundol

    E-mail: sundol@uiwtx.edu

    Todd Wright

    E-mail: tawright1@uiwtx.edu


  • History

    Full-time Faculty


    Lopita Nath, Ph.D.

    Professor and Department Chair
    Department of History Asian Studies Program

    Office: AD 357
    E-mail: nath@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 832-2187

    Interests: South Asian History and Politics, Asian and World History, Migration Studies, Refugee Studies, Issues of Human Displacement, Citizenship, Security and Human Rights.
    Courses Taught: World History, History of South Asia, Modern India, Southeast Asia, Japan, China and Korea, Afghanistan, Middle East, History of Islam, Global Refugees, Global Human Rights, Migration Studies and Inquiry into the Modern World.


    Michelle Tabit, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Department of History

    Office: AD 355
    E-mail: tabit@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 283-6346

    Interests: American Women’s History, US History, and Latin American History with special emphasis on Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean, Brazil, and Slavery.
    Courses Taught: US Survey I & II, World History II, War and Society, Latin America Survey (pre and post-independence), American Women's History, Harry Potter and History, and Star Trek History and Culture


    Laura Cannon, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor, Department of History

    Office: AD 251
    E-mail: lcannon@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 283-5039

    Interests: Texas History, the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Mexican American history, labor history, the history of civil rights, and the history of race and citizenship.
    Courses Taught: U.S. to 1865; U.S. since 1865; Texas History; Foundations of Historical Research; U.S. National Period

    Part-Time Faculty

    Dr. Gilberto M. Hinojosa

    E-mail: hinojosa@uiwtx.edu

    Lesli L. Hicks

    E-mail: llhicks@uiwtx.edu

    Mary E. Ferrer

    E-mail: mferrer@uiwtx.edu

    Timothy J. Draves

    E-mail: draves@uiwtx.edu

    Minda C. Webber

    E-mail: mwebber@uiwtx.edu

    Kimberlee J. Ortiz

    E-mail: kjortiz@uiwtx.edu

  • Modern Languages

    Full-time Faculty


    Dr. Amalia Mondríguez

    Professor of Spanish

    Ph.D., Harvard University

    Office: AD 345
    E-mail: mondrigu@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3894

    Specialties: Specialist in the literature and culture of Latin America and Spain, with research on literature by women authors. Also a creative writer of short stories, songs, and a novel.


    Dr. Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz

    Associate Professor of Spanish

    Ph.D., University of Tennessee

    Office: AD 250
    E-mail: saxtonru@uiwtx.edu
     (210) 805-2541

    Specialties: Specialist in Latin American literature and culture. Research interests include Latin American cultural studies, literary translation, and popular culture studies.


    Dr. Michael Tallon - Department Chair

    Professor of Spanish

    Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

    Office: AD 258
    E-mail: tallon@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 805-5891

    Specialties: Specialist in language teaching, second language acquisition, and Spanish linguistics. Research interests include foreign language anxiety, heritage language students, and the Spanish of San Antonio.

    Part-time Faculty

    Eyman Alsobhi

    Office: AD 358
    Courses: Arabic

    Yuping Tai

    Office: AD 358
    Courses: Chinese

    Elaine Bryant

    Office: AD 358
    Courses: French

    Pierre Schmitz

    Office: AD 358
    Courses: German

    Eric Sweet

    Office: AD 358
    Courses: Italian

    Chihiro Legris

    Office: AD 358
    Courses: Japanese

    Hyewon Kim

    Office: AD 358
    Courses: Korean

    Dr. Sally Said

    Professor Emerita

    Office: AD 327
    E-mail:  said@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 805-2535
    Courses: Spanish

    Rey Arrieta

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  rarrieta@uiwtx.edu
    Courses: Spanish

    Dr. Tim Barnett

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  tbarnett@uiwtx.edu
    Courses: Spanish

    Jesús De León

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  jedeleo2@uiwtx.edu
    Courses: Spanish

    Jimmy Gonzales

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  jcgonza1@uiwtx.edu
    Courses: Spanish

    Jeanne Johnson

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  jzjohnso@uiwtx.edu 
    Courses: Spanish

    Juan Carlos Moreno

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  jcmoreno@uiwtx.edu 
    Courses: Spanish

    Elvia Quijano

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  quijano@uiwtx.edu
    Courses: Spanish

    Dr. Julie Winkler

    Office: AD 358
    E-mail:  jwinkler@uiwtx.edu
    Courses: Spanish

  • Music

    Full-time Faculty


    William Gokelman

    Chair / Professor

    Office: MB 227
    Courses: Music, Cardinal Chorale, Cardinal Singers, Piano, Conducting
    E-mail: gokelman@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3848
    William Gokelman's Bio


    Dr. Janice Dvorkin

    Professor of Music, Music Therapy, Psychology of Music

    Office: MB 229
    Courses: Music, Music Therapy, Psychology of Music
    E-mail: dvorkin@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3856
    Dr. Janice Dvorkin's Bio


    Dr. Orit Eylon

    Associate Professor

    Office: MB 335
    Courses: Music, Voice, Singing for Beginners
    E-mail: eylon@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3858
    Dr. Orit Eylon's Bio


    Dr. Ken Metz

    Assistant Chair / Professor

    Office: MB 226
    Courses: Music, Music Theory, Composition
    E-mail: metz@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3850
    Dr. Ken Metz's Bio


    Dr. Brett A. Richardson

    Assistant Professor, Director of Bands

    Office: MB 228
    Courses: Music, Music Education
    E-mail: barichar@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 841-7232
    Dr. Brett A. Richardson's Bio


    Dr. Kevin Salfen

    Associate Professor

    Office: MB 337
    Courses: Music, Music History
    E-mail: salfen@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3849
    Dr. Kevin Salfen's Bio


    Jim Waller

    Assistant Professor

    Director - Music Industry Studies

    Director - UIW Cardinal Jazz Band

    Office: MB 336
    Courses: Music
    E-mail: jwaller@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 841-7233
    Jim Waller's Bio

    Part-time Faculty

    Roland Sul

    Secretary, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

    Office: MB 224
    E-mail: sul@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3855

  • Pastoral Studies

    Full-time Faculty

    Jakob K. Rinderknecht, PhD

    Dr. Jakob K. Rinderknecht

    Assistant Professor & Director

    Ph.D., Marquette University
    M.A., Saint John's University (MN);
    B.A., Valparaiso University

    Office: AD 256
    E-mail: rinderkn@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3871
    Dr. Jakob K. Rinderknecht's Website

    Dr. Arturo Chavez

    President and CEO of Mexican American Catholic College, San Antonio.

    M.T.S., Oblate School of Theology
    Ph.D., Iliff School of Theology, University of Denver

    Alma Alvarado

    Dean of Students, Mexican American Catholic College

    E-mail: alma.alvarado@maccsa.org

  • Philosophy

    Full-time Faculty

    Zenon Culverhouse

    Dr. Zenon Culverhouse

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy

    B.A., San Francisco State University
    Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University

    E-mail: fculverh@uiwtx.edu


    Dr. Christopher Edelman

    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    B.A., Loyola College of Maryland
    M.A., Ph.D., Emory University

    E-mail: edelman@uiwtx.edu


    Dr. Doug Gilmour

    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    B.A., The University of Texas at Austin
    Ph.D., Duke University

    E-mail: gilmour@uiwtx.edu


    Dr. Paul Lewis

    Associate Professor of Philosophy / Chair, Department of Philosophy

    B.A., University of New Mexico
    Ph.D., The University of Kentucky

    E-mail: lewis@uiwtx.edu


    Dr. Bernadette O'Connor

    Emerita Professor of Philosophy

    B.A., Incarnate Word College
    M.A., Ph.D., Duquesne Universit

    E-mail: boc@uiwtx.edu

  • Political Science

    Full-time Faculty


    Dr. Lydia Andrade

    Professor and Program Chair

    Office: AD 369
    Email: andrade@uiwtx.edu

    Specialization: Presidential Politics, Campaigns & Elections, Congressional Politics, Interest Groups, Women in Politics, Public Policy, Research Methods, State & Local Government, and Public Administration
    Dr. Andrade's Bio


    Dr. Scott Dittloff


    Office: AD 369
    Email: dittloff@uiwtx.edu

    Specialization: Caribbean Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Literature & Politics,  Politics & Culture, and Human Rights
    Dr. Dittloff's Bio


    Dr. Brandon Metroka

    Assistant Professor

    Office: AD 378
    Email: metroka@uiwtx.edu

    Specialization: Specialization: Judicial Decision Making, U.S. Constitutional Law, Freedom of Speech (U.S. and Comparative Law/Theory), U.S. Federalism, Environmental Policy, American Politics
    Dr. Metroka's Bio

  • Psychology

    Full-time Faculty


    Dr. Stefanie Boswell

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., The University of Southern Mississippi

    Office: AD 376
    E-mail: ssboswel@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 832-2182

    Research interests: Scholarship of teaching & learning; attitudes in higher education; self-efficacy.


    Dr. Maria Felix-Ortiz - Department Chair


    Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles

    Office: AD 393
    Phone: (210) 805-3046
    E-mail: felixort@uiwtx.edu

    Research interests: Substance use disorders (epidemiology, prevention, and treatment); criminal thinking; cultural identity measures; police training; assisted mutual support group development and peer support services; integrated health care.

    L Martinez

    Dr. Leslie Martinez

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Office: AD 389
    E-mail: lnmartin@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3960

    Research interests: Cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity; Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination towards Mexican Americans; Psychometrics and scale development; Academic and social support challenges of underrepresented students.


    Dr. Lisa Lockhart

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Kent State University

    Office: AD 394
    E-mail: lockhart@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3961

    Research interests: Social justice; Assessment of Service Learning.


    Dr. Teresa Taylor Partridge - Sabbatical

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

    Office: AD 389
    E-mail: tpartrid@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 832-2186

    Rachel Walker Image

    Dr. Rachel T. Walker


    Ph.D., The University of Southern Mississippi

    Research interests:  Animal behavior (activity budgets & enrichment); learning, cognition & technology; scholarship of teaching & learning.

    Office: AD 391
    E-mail: rtwalker@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-5055

  • Religious Studies

    Full-Time Faculty

    Glenn Ambrose

    Glenn Ambrose, Ph.D., Chair


    Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley CA, 2001
    M.T.S. Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Cambridge, MA, 1992
    B.A. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1990

    E-mail: ambrose@uiwtx.edu
    Glenn Ambrose, Ph.D. Website

    Areas of Interest: Systematic theology, Sacramental Theology, Philosophical Theology, Religion and Culture, Theologies of Liberation


    2012 The Theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet: Overcoming Onto-theology with the Sacramental Tradition (Ashgate), pp. 234.

    2010 “Religious Diversity, Sacramental Encounters and the Spirit of God.” Horizons, The Journal for the College Theology Society 37:2. (Fall, 2010)

    2009 Review Hope & Solidarity: Jon Sobrino's Challenge to Christian Theology. Edited by Stephen J. Pope. Maryknoll: Orbis, 2008 in Horizons, The Journal for the College Theology Society 36:1, (Summer, 2009), 147-148.

    2008 "Great Faith Abounds: Sacramentality in a Pluralistic Age," New Theology Review.Vol. 21, No. 2 (May), 47-58.

    2006 "Who do you say that I am? : The Jesus Question at the Catholic University." In Julie Miller and Phil Lampe, eds. Verbum Incarnatum 1, no. 1. (Online journal)

    2005 Review of Border of Death, Valley of Life by Daniel Groody, in The Journal of Religion 85:1 (January), 139-141.

    2005 "Scholars on the Road away from Emmaus" in Education and Engagement: Theory and Practice, eds. Julie Miller and Philip Lampe (University of the Incarnate Word: San Antonio), 22-27.

    2001 "Chauvet and Pickstock: Two Compatible Visions?” in Contemporary Sacramental Contours of a God Incarnate, eds. Lieven Boeve and Lambert Leijssen. (Peeters: Lueven), 74-84.

    2001 “Chauvet and Pickstock: Two Compatible Visions?” in Questions Liturgues: Studies in Liturgy 82. (Liturgisch Instittuut: Lueven), 69-79.

    2000 Review of The Sacraments: The Word of God at the Mercy of the Body by Louis-Marie Chauvet, America: National Catholic Magazine 185:16, 22-24.

    1994 “Subjectivity and Objectivity in Critical Realism” in Telegraph Avenue 1:3 (May), 15-24. [Student Journal of the Graduate Theological Union]

    Adrienne Nock Ambrose

    Adrienne Nock Ambrose, Ph.D.

    Thomas A. French Chair and Associate Professor

    Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union
    M.T.S. Weston Jesuit School of Theology
    B.A. University of Cincinnati

    Adrienne Nock Ambrose, Ph.D. Website


    “Appealing to the Movie Mind: The 1926 International Eucharistic Congress and the Rise of Epic Film in America. U.S. Catholic Historian, 34:3 (Summer 2016), 51-73.

    Las Hermanas, Religious-Political Activism, and the Digital Footprint of a Grassroots Movement,” presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, November 2016.

    “A Lord and His Lady:  The Influential Marian Musings of a Movie-Crazed Catholic,” presented at the American Literature Association Symposium on God and the American Writer, February 2015.

    “Seeing for Life: Perspectives on the Influential Vision of Margaret R. Miles,” presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, October 2014

    “Our Lady of Tinseltown: Catholic Visual Culture in Hollywood’s Golden Age,” presented at the Spring Meeting of the American Catholic Historical Association, March 2014.

    “Made in the USA:  Marian Holy Cards in Hollywood’s Golden Age,” presented at the Annual Research Week Symposium, University of the Incarnate Word, February 2014.

    “The Ephemeral Virgin: Representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary during America’s ‘Chromo Craze’ (c. 1865-1900),” presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, October 2010.

    “Mary in Metal:  Nineteenth-Century Representations of the Virgin and the Post-Industrial Imagination,” presented at the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies annual meeting, March 2007.

    “’Magic Moments:’ Scrapbooking and the Religious Imagination of American Women,” co-presented with Dr. Julie B. Miller at the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies annual meeting, March 2008.

    “Our Lady of Strassengel and the Feast of the Assumption: Image, Liturgy and Reform at a Fifteenth-Century Shrine,” presented at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, October 2003.

    "The Virgin of the Rosary and Florid Sculpture in Late Medieval Germany," ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies 11:1 (March 1999), 8‑14. 

    Eleven entries, including “Virgin Mary in Medieval Art,” “Pietà,” and “The Rosary,” in The New Westminster Dictionary of the Christian Church, Robert Benedetto, ed. (Louisville, KY: Westminster John

    "Religious Observance and the Historian of Christianity: One Model for the Academic Study of Religion," presented at the Western Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, March 1997.

    Robert Green

    Visiting Associate Professor

    Sr. Martha Ann Kirk

    Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, C.C.V.I., Th.D.

    Professor Emerita

    Th.D. Graduate Theological Union
    M.A. (Religion) Fordham University
    M.A. (Art Education) University of New Mexico
    B.A. The University of the Incarnate Word

    Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, C.C.V.I., Th.D. Website


    “A Little Child Shall Lead Them: Iraqi Refugees in Jordan” with photos of children and stories of families from Kirk’s recent research trip will appear in the St. Anthony Messenger,  November 2007.

    “Vietnamese Christians Share God’s Beauty in Sacred Dance,” expanded article from the Sacred Dance Guild Journal with color illustrations and video. Articles.

    “Cambodia and Vietnam: Touching the Wounds of the Grandchildren of War,” 

    “From east to west and north to south, let us praise God. Gifts from many cultures enriching God’s people”  Sacred Dance Guild Journal, Fall 2006  Vol 49, No. 1. Articles.   

    “Martha Ann Kirk---Embodying Christ to the World” A profile by Letha Dawson Scanzoni, cover story of Christian Feminism Today, Spring 2006,  1-4. 

    "We Refuse to Be Enemies": Using Online Dialogue to Engage Students in Learning Spirituality and Justice  which was presented in the “Spirituality, Justice, and Pedagogy” Conference sponsored by the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning, September 22-24, 2005, at Calvin College, Detroit.

    “Martha Ann Kirk, Th.D. ‘86” Featured Alumni in GTU Current, News of the Graduate Theological Union,  Summer 2005, 14. 

    “Forgive Us Our Trespasses---that dangerous word,” The Word Today, Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word,” Vol.5,  September-October, 2004.

    Julie Miller

    Julie Miller, Th.D


    Th.D., Harvard University, 2000
    M.T.S., Harvard University, 1988
    B.A., University of Notre Dame, 1986

    E-mail: miller@uiwtx.edu
    Julie Miller, Th.D Website

    Papers and Publications:

    “To Remember Self, To Remember God: Augustine on Relationality, Sexuality and the Trinity,” in Feminists Re-Reading the Canon, Judith Stark, ed., Penn State Press, (forthcoming, Fall 2007).

    “Rapt by God: Eroticized Violence in Medieval Women’s Literature and Law,” in The Subjective Eye: Essays in Culture, Religion and Gender, Richard Valentasis and Janet Carlson, editors. Mellon Press, 2006.

    Co-editor, Verbum Incarnatum: Ethics and Social Justice. Vo1. 1, No. 1, 2006. University of the Incarnate Word, 2006.

    “Education and Engagement: Striving for Success,” in Education and Engagement: Theory and Practice. University of the Incarnate Word Faculty Anthology, 2005. Julie B. Miller and Phil Lampe, editors.

    “Mystical Masochism and the Spiritual Status Quo: The Limitations of Appropriation,” in The Eclectic Edition, Phil Lampe and Julie B. Miller, editors, 2004.

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    “Eroticized Violence in Medieval Women’s Mystical Literature: A Call for a Feminist Critique,” in Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, (Fall 1999).

    Areas of Interest: Feminist theology and ethics, sexual theology and ethics, environmental theology and ethics, women in Christian tradition, medieval mysticism

    Jakob K. Rinderknecht, PhD

    Jakob K. Rinderknecht, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
    Pastoral Institute Director

    Ph.D. Marquette University
    M.A. Saint John's University (MN)
    B.A. Valparaiso University

    E-mail: rinderkn@uiwtx.edu
    Jakob K. Rinderknecht, Ph.D. Website

    Papers and Publications:

    Mapping the Differentiated Consensus of the Joint Declaration. Pathways for Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue, edited by Gerard Mannion and Mark D. Chapman. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, November, 2016.

    “Order, Out of Order: Rahner’s Tectonic Proposal for an Ecumenical Difficulty.” Horizons, 42 no. 2 (Dec., 2015): 341-67.

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    “Beyond Settling Down: A Theology of Stability for Young Adults.” Obsculta, 3. (29 April, 2010): 25–31.


    Sr. Eilish Ryan, Th.D.

    Professor Emerita

    Th.D. University of St. Michael's College/Toronto School of Theology, 1994
    M.A. (Mental Health Counseling) St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX, 1984
    M.A. (Religious Studies) Pastoral Institute, Incarnate Word College, 1976
    B.A. Incarnate Word College, 1968

    E-mail: eryan@uiwtx.edu
    Sr. Eilish Ryan, Th.D. Website

    Papers and Publications:

    "Spirituality: the Living Heart of Religion Education," National Catholic Educational Association Annual Convention, Los Angelos, 1998

    "Rosemary Haughton: Witness to Hope," in Proceedings of the Symposium on Christianity and Society. University of Metz, 1998.

    Review of Christianity Spirituality: Themes form the Tradition, by Lawrence Cunningham and Keith Egan, in Horizons 24:2 (Fall, 1997), 318-319.

    Rosemary Haughton: Witness to Hope. (Kansas City: Sheed and Ward, 1997).

    Areas of Interest: Contemporary Christian Spirituality, History of Christianity, Pastoral Theology, Feminist Theology


    Horacio Vela III, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D. University of Notre Dame
    M.A.R. Yale Divinity School
    B.A. University of Texas at Austin

    E-mail: hvela@uiwtx.edu
    Horacio Vela III, PhD Website

    Research Interests:

    New Testament Studies; Hellenistic Judaism; Early Christianity; Hispanic Religion and Theology

    Papers and Publications:

    "Magical Text Concerning the Eyes and Face,” Pages 129–30 in Coptica Argentoratensia: Conférences et documents de la 3e universityé d'été en papyrologie copte (Strasbourg, 18–25 juillet 2010). ed. A. Boud'hors, A. Delattre, C. Louis and T.S. Richter. Éditions du Bocard, 2014. 

    "Pope Benedict XVI's Use of Scripture in Caritas in Veritate,” Pages 19–29 in Jesus Christ: The New Face of Social Progress. ed. Peter J. Casarella. Eerdmans, 2014.

    “Philo and the Logic of History,” Studia Philonica Annual22 (2010): 165–82.

    Part-Time Faculty

    Dr. Don D. Arispe

    PhD - CA Inst. of Integral Studies
    MSW - Our Lady of the Lake Univ.
    MTS - Oblate School of Theology
    BA - St. Mary's University

    Office: AD 241
    E-mail: ddarispe@uiwtx.edu
    Hours: M/W 12:00-1:15 pm or by appointment.

    Courses: RELS 3305 Catholic Social Teaching
    RELS 3370 Christian Ethics

    Rev. Dr. Trevor D. Alexander

    D.Div - St. Thomas Christian College & Seminary
    MAPM - Oblate School of Theology
    BA - Univ. of the Incarnate Word

    Office: AD 141 (Open Office Hours)
    E-mail: alexande@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1315 Origins of Christianity

    Dr. James S. Anderson

    Ph.D. - University of Sheffield
    M.Div. - Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    MA - Tesas A&M Univ. San Antonio
    BA - Southern Methodist University

    Office: AD 241
    Hours: W 10:00 a.m. - 12 p.m.
    E-mail: jsander2@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1325 The Religious Quest

    Anthony L. Deosdade

    Grad. Cert. Spiritual Direction - Aquinas Institute of Theology
    MA - Univ. of the Incarnate Word
    JD - St. Mary's University
    BA - Stephen F. Austin State Univ.

    Office: AD 241
    Hours: T/Th 9:00-9:30 a.m.
    E-mail: adeosdad@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1335 Spirituality and Prayer

    Dr. Joseph L. DeLeon

    E-mail: jldeleon@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1335 Spirituality and Prayer
    RELS 3345 World Religions

    Andrew O. Eubanks

    MDiv - Southern Methodist Univ.
    BA - Hendrix College

    Office: AD 241
    Hours: M/W 5:45-6:45 p.m.
    E-mail: aeubanks@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1325 The Religious Quest

    S. Eucharia P. Gomba, SJI

    MA (Religious Studies)- University of Dayton
    MTS - Wesley Seminary/Africa University
    BA (Education) – Africa University
    Dipl. Education – Hillside Teacher's College

    E-mail: gomba@uiwtx.edu
    Office: AD 241
    Hours: T 9:00-10:15 a.m. / W 11-11:45 a.m.

    Courses: RELS 1334 Spirituality and Prayer

    The Rev. Steven Lunning

    M.Div - Luther Seminary
    BA - Augustana College

    Office: AD 241
    Hours: M/W 1:30-2:30 p.m. / T/Th 12:00-1:00 p.m.
    E-mail: lunning@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1305 Intro to Theology & Ethics
    RELS 1315 Origins of Christianity

    Bosco D. Miller

    E-mail: bmiller@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1305 Intro to Theology & Ethics

    Suzan Roy

    MA - Univ. of the Incarnate Word
    BA - University of Texas

    E-mail: sroy@uiwtx.edu
    Office: AD 241
    Hours: T/Th 12:00-1:00 p.m.

    Courses: RELS 1305 Intro to Theology & Ethics

    Antonio Ramirez

    E-mail: anramier@uiwtx.edu

    Courses: RELS 1335 Spirituality and Prayer

    Dr. Peggy Starkey

    Ph.D. - Union Theological Seminary & Columbia University
    MDiv - Union Theological Seminary
    STM - Union Theological Seminary
    MPhil - Union Theological Seminary

    Office: AD 241
    Hours: T/Th 12:15-1:00p.m.
    Th by appointment after 4:30pm
    E-mail: starkey@uiwtx.edu

    Courses:RELS 1324 The Religious Quest
    RELS 3345 World Religions

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    Dr. Barnes Photo

    Roger C. Barnes, Ph.D.

    Professor and Chair
    Department of Sociology

    Office: AD 390
    E-mail: barnes@uiwtx.edu
    Phone: (210) 829-3976
    Roger C. Barnes, Ph.D. Bio
    Roger C. Barnes, Ph.D. CV

    Dr. Lampe Photo

    Philip E. Lampe, PhD.

    Department of Sociology

    Office: AD 367
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    Phone: (210) 829-3983
    Philip E. Lampe, PhD. CV

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    Justin Bennett

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    Margaret Mitchell

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