UIW is located in the vibrant, multi-cultural city of San Antonio, Texas. There are many wonderful things to do in this historic city! Check out the Visit San Antonio's website to learn more about all of the city's offerings.

Performance of As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Performance of As You Like It by William Shakespeare

San Antonio Theatre and Arts

San Antonio has many community based theatres that have given our students and alumni opportunity to work as actors, designers, technicians and directors. Read about SATCO (below) for more information about local theatres.

The Majestic and Empire Theatres host the Broadway Across America series. For more information, visit the Majestic and Empire theatre web site.

San Antonio loves all the arts! To find out more, visit the San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs web site to see local arts listings.

San Antonio Theatre Coalition (SATCO)

UIW Theatre Arts is a member of the San Antonio Theatre Coalition (SATCO).

SATCO member theatres present a wide variety of productions in many different venues. As the SATCO website states, “from award-winning theatre for children, to traditional American, world classics, original works, to avant-garde, member theatres represent the full spectrum of theatrical possibilities.”

The SATCO website lists local auditions, and the site allows folks to sign up for Playbill, a weekly email notice about local theatrical productions in and around San Antonio.

For more information, visit the SATCO website.

Alamo Theatre Arts Council (ATAC)

The Alamo Theatre Arts Council (ATAC) is an organization that honors excellence in San Antonio theatre.

Each fall, ATAC hosts a Globe Awards Gala, where local theatres are honored for excellence in twenty-six categories including performance, design, and direction.

UIW Theatre Arts proudly displays many of its ATAC Globe Awards in the Coates Theatre Lobby. The next time you visit us or come to see a performance, take a look!

For more information, visit the Alamo Theatre Arts Council web site.